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Train Crash …

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This photo was obviously made before my time, but I thought it is an interesting photograph. We were in a museum in Tennessee and they had a model train exhibit and this photo was on the wall next to the train tracks.  Sometimes, when you feel as if you are having a bad day … just be thankful that you were not the engineer driving this train!!  There was no information about this train wreck where the photo was located, so I do not have any background surrounding this situation.  It looks like it could have been in Europe somewhere and it might have been around the turn of the century, but that is all that I can figure out.  So all I can say is just when you think things are going bad … just think about the person driving this train and the explaining he had to do … well, I dozed off and just forgot to stop …

Written by Frank Hardy

July 26, 2011 at 9:30 am

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