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Pensacola Catholic High School Basketball …

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Cheerleaders _10x10_RTP_6 April 16 _ SFW

Here are some photos that I took at a basketball game at Pensacola Catholic High School back in the late 1970’s.  The boys and girls basketball teams played Pensacola High School this night.  I cannot remember who won, but it was a good two games.  I thought that I would just start it off with one of the CHS cheerleaders and I will move on the the basketball games next.  Since I cannot remember anything about either game, I will omit the running commentary and just post the photos.  I will start with the girls and then post a few of the boys.  Enjoy …


Boys Team 1 _ Good Enough_6  April 16 _ SFW

Boys Team 3 _10x10_RTP_6 April 16 _SFW

Girls  Team  12_10x10_RTP_6 April 16 _SFW

Girls Team 10_10x10_RTP_ 6 April 16 _SFW

There are other negatives in the envelope that I might clean-up and post later.  If anyone has any clue who any of the players are, please feel free to comment.  I want to say that these games were played in 1979, but I am probably wrong.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Pensacola CHS 2015 Graduation …

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Here are a few random candid photos that I made this past Saturday at Olive Baptist Church where Pensacola Catholic High School has held it’s graduation for the past years.   These are just a few that of the ones that I made and I will also put up some from the Baccalaureate that was held at St’ Paul’s Catholic Church the night before later.  I am not going to post any comments, since most people viewing these were probably there at the graduation.  Here we go …


IMG_2157  Girls Candid 1 _ SFW

IMG_2161  Guys 1 _ SFW

IMG_2164  Chastain and Burke _ SFW

IMG_4803  Marcille and Endacot _ SFW

IMG_6954  Seniors Entering  1  _ SFW

IMG_2195  Gallman Award _ F _ SFW

IMG_2363  Throwing Caps _ SFW

These are just a fraction of the ones that I made and I will try to put up a few more later.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Pensacola CHS 2015 Senior Prom …

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IMG_2931  Candid Girls _ Color Balanced_SFW

Several weeks ago Pensacola Catholic High School had their Senior Prom down at the Pensacola Museum of Commerce ( I still think of it as The Transportation Museum ) and I went down to take a few photos of the King and Queen.  I was early for the walk-out and made some random photos of the kids dancing and having fun.  Here are a few random images and several of the king and queen …

IMG_2897 Candid Girls 2  _ SFW

IMG_2935  Crowd   _ Lucis  _ SFW

IMG_2959  Candid Girls  _ UTO_ SFW

IMG_2960  Good Candid Girls  _ UTO _ SFW

IMG_3032  Prom Crowd   _ SFW

IMG_3038  Senior Line _ SFW

IMG_3049  K and Q Dancing _ SFW

IMG_3062  King and Queen _ Ex _ SFW


There are a handful of photos for you to view … I have more here on my Zenfolio site if anyone is interested in viewing them,  I should have posted these sooner, but I have been busy with other things and have ignored by blogs the last several weeks.  I have several posts ready to go and I will put them up this week.  Thanks for looking and if anyone has any questions or comments please ask … Frank

Pensacola CHS 2015 Hall of Fame …

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Hall of Fame Composite  _ SFW_ Logo

Several weeks ago I attended the Hall of Fame ceremony over at Pensacola Catholic High School and took photos.  I am posting a few here on my blog, but you can go to my Zenfolio   site and see the various photos of the winners and their families.  The photo above is a composite that I created and it can be purchased as a 5×7 full frame.  The rest are cropped 4×6 size.  Here are a few more random photos …

IMG_2612  Crowd _RTP _SFW_Logo

IMG_2609 Sister and Mr Manning_SFW_Logo

IMG_2638  Sister Hartnett and Medal_SFW_Logo

IMG_2634  Manning Group 1 _ SFW_ Logo

IMG_2749  E and H in Library _ SFW

These are just a few random photos that I resized to put here.  If anyone has any questions and comments, please ask.  Thanks for looking and congratulations to everyone selected to be in the CHS Hall of Fame.



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March 12, 2015 at 8:30 am

CHS Homecoming Photos 2015 …

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IMG_0161  Crusader 1 _ SFW

OK … I have gotten the CHS 2015 Homecoming photos up on my Zenfolio site.  Here is a link to the site.  When you click on the link, a new page will open up with and you will see a photo of the homecoming court back stage before the pep rally.  Scroll down until you come to a folder with CHS Homecoming 2015 and then click on that folder.  You order from this site and your photos will be sent to you in a few days.  If you have any questions, please ask and I can answer them for you.

IMG_0496  M M and H 4  _ SFW

Even if you do not purchase any photos, I hope that you enjoy looking through the hundreds of photos that I have worked-up and posted over on my Zenfolio site.  If you do not see any other type of product ( such as an album of photos or a digital file of the image ) contact me directly and I can tell you what can be done.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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November 7, 2014 at 2:39 pm

CHS 2015 Homecoming …

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IMG_0152  Group Before 3 _ SFW

Here are a few candid shots from the CHS Homecoming Pep Rally and several from the football game along with one from the dance.  I still have some more work to do on the ones from the half time walk-out and at the dance.  I will post all of the ones that I have worked-up over at my Zenfolio site for everyone to see.  You can also purchase them directly from the site and your order will be mailed to your home.  Here goes a few … I will start off with the cheerleaders at the pep rally … Then move to a few from the game …


IMG_0298  Cheerleaders 1   _ SFW

IMG_0363  The Run  2  _ SFW

IMG_0364  On The Run _ SFW

IMG_0499  M  M  and H  _ SFW

I will put a few from the walk-out at half time later, with some more from the dance.  I have to work on a few more of them before I put them on the blog … they do not come out of the camera looking like these.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look … if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.  Thanks again … Frank

Pensacola CHS Seniors 2015 …

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Two weeks ago, I spent the week over at CHS photographing the 2015 seniors.  I have never done this in the past, but this year I thought that I would take a few photos of the set-up and then show several finished images.  The ones with the camera were made with my iPhone and they are not that bad …mainly to give you an idea of the little studio that I have in one of the class rooms.  The girls I photograph in a drape and the guys wear a coat and tie for their yearbook photo.  The first girl is wearing the drape and the second girl is wearing a casual outfit.  I did this just to show something different and I just wanted to let people know that there are other options that I can do and besides,  the images with the iPhone were turning out better than I thought that they would.  So here we go ….

IMG_0963 Pelham  1 _ RTP_ 4x4 _ SFW

Next, is an image that has been retouched, cropped, color corrected, etc, etc …


IMG_1032  Pelham _ Ret _ SFW

Obviously, that is a different pose than what is showing on the back of the camera, but I think that you get the idea of what was being done.  Next, the iPhone was working better once one of the girls helping me showed me how to focus on one area and take the image with another button on the iPhone besides the button on the screen.  Thanks for that Jodee,  I never knew that it could be done with another button on the phone … I guess that just goes to show that you can always learn something new.  The next girl had on a cute outfit and this iPhone photography was working out better than I thought it would, so I got her to model for us so I could just show some variety.  Here we go …


IMG_0971  Shimeck Casual 1 _ RTP _ SFW

A little different cropping …


IMG_0971  Shimeck Casual 1 _ RTP _ 4x4 _SFW

Now, the first will be what I call ” out of camera ” and then the next will be one that I have retouched and corrected …


IMG_1423  Rachael 2_Crop Only _ SFW

Now retouched …


IMG_1423  Rachael 2_Ret_RTP _SFW

One more different pose and retouched …


IMG_1429 Rachael  Shimeck_ Casual Ret_RTP 4x6 _SFW

Thanks to the models … they were several of the seniors that helped me the week that I was over there at CHS and I did not think of trying to do this until later in the week that I was over at the school, so that is why I chose them.  There are still 35 or so seniors that did not have their photos made and I will be back over to CHS sometime in September and probably again in October.  No dates have been set and I do not set the dates, but when they give me a date or dates, I will let you know.  If you have any questions about what I do or can do, please do not hesitate to ask … I just assume that people know that I can do it all, but apparently so many people think that the drape shots are all that I do.  One the things that separates me from most of the other photographers out there now is my retouching that I do to my finished images.  There are so many photographers now that just shoot a lot of images and then burn a disc and then they make you feel like you are getting a great deal since they take so many ” available – light ” images … just take your disc to Walgreen’s or Sams or wherever  and have print them printed out regardless of how they look  Thanks and please check back … Frank

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August 13, 2014 at 3:55 pm