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A Few More from California …

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IMG_0287 Beverly Hills Palms_RTP_8 Feb 16 _SFW

I am going to show a few more from our trip out to Southern California at Christmas.  Above is a view of one of the streets in Beverly Hills.  This is a fairly average view and for all that you have heard about this area, it could be just any other neighborhood except every house that you see starts at over a million dollars.  And we did not see very many For Sale signs driving down the few streets that we drove down.  Next up are just a few more photos of palm trees … I know, if you have seen one palm tree photo, you have seen them all, but I am hoping to bring you a few more that you do not normally see without getting too abstract or weird.  Here we go …


IMG_0424 Palm Trees 2 _ 5x5_23 Jan 16_ SFW

IMG_0543  Circle of Palms_RTP_8 Feb 16 _ SFW

Same image, just presented two different ways.  The two palm trees were in the middle of the road outside of our hotel in Oceanside.  The photo was taken at sunset one afternoon and I was walking to a restaurant across the parking lot from the hotel.  I just took the image with my iPhone and then worked it up in Photoshop.  The bottom image was created in an app called Circular once I sent the corrected image back to my phone so I could post it on Instagram.  Talking of the app Circular, here is one more image taken on the flight back to Atlanta …


IMG_0539  Delta Wing_5x5_6 Feb 16_SFW

A little different view of the Delta wing outside of your window.  The next is just a building in downtown San Diego …


IMG_0426  San Diego_8 Feb 16_4x6_RTP_SFW

The only thing that I thought that was interesting is the sun’s reflection in the tower’s glass.  I have a lot more that I will most in the near future and I will put up some portraits, also.  Since I mentioned Instagram, here is a link to my Instagram account.  I have been posting a lot there, so that is the reason that I have not been posting much here or on the other blog where I post my father’s photography.  The main reason I like Instagram is that it is like a mini-photography portfolio.  People can go to my account on Instagram and see all of the types of photography that I do in one place.  I do not have a link to this blog, but I have a link to my father’s blog in the heading so if they are interested that can go check it out.  Sometime in the near future, I want to start offering these images as wall decor, but I have not promoted this site or the other site much in the past several years and plan on changing that soon.  I also am going to find a gallery to join somewhere to be able to have a space to hang some examples.  That is about it for now … please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you might have.  Also, go check on my Instagram link and let me know what you think.  I am going to leave you with the Hollywood sign … Thanks for looking … Frank

Hollywood Sign  1B _ RTP_BG Blur_ SFW

California …

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IMG_0005  Surfer_Thin Crop_4 Jan 16 _ SFW

I am just going to throw up a few photos from our trip and will go into details in a later post.  We spent eight days in Oceanside, north of San Diego visiting Lauren, Travis and Lukas.  Had a great time and went all over Southern California…Los Angeles to Palm Springs to Malibu to San Diego.  I have been spending more time posting my images to Instagram and have ignored my two blogs.  You can find me on Instagram at ” frankphardy ” if you are interested.  I use it more to post the above type of images and I do put up images that I post over on my father’s photography blog that I have.  Here are a few more SoCal photos …


IMG_0116  Sailboat_RTP_4 Jan 16_SFW

IMG_0004  Malibu from South_RTP_5 Jan 16 _ SFW

The surfing photo was taken at Oceanside and the sailboat image was taken coming out the harbor in Oceanside.  The above photo is the start of Malibu, which was nothing really special to me … until you get to the million dollar beach homes.  I made some photos of the homes from the beach that I will post later, all I can say is “WOW ” … not that they are huge or elaborate, just expensive.  Here are several more …


IMG_0285  LA at Night _ 5x5 _3 Jan 16 _ S F I

IMG_0215 L G Stand_5x5_27 Dec 15 _ S F I

The top is Los Angeles from the Griffith Observatory and the bottom photo is a lifeguard stand at the Santa Monica Pier.  I took a lot around the pier and I will post more in the future as I work them up.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Feel free to share your own Southern California experiences, I am interested in her what you have to say.  Thanks again … Frank


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January 6, 2016 at 6:42 pm