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Panorama at the Palafox Pier _ SFW_ 12 Nov 14

Way before the iPhone and it’s panorama apps, even before Photoshop and stitching a series of images together to make a panorama … I would shot a handful of images and tape them together to make a panorama.  Extremely low-tech and very crude, but it worked.  The image above is one that I made when they were making the marina down at the foot of Palafox Street.  You see the corner of the old Municipal Auditorium on the far right side of the frame.  The steel frame-work is the start of the building that is now Jaco’s Restaurant and several other businesses.  Like I said earlier, this is very crude, but it still is interesting to look at and view.  Thanks for looking … Frank

PS – Click on the photo, and it should open up in another screen larger.  I could get it up to 10 inches across, but it would not up-load any wider without taking a long time to load.