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North Georgia Vineyards … Revisited

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IMG_9344  North Georgia Vinyards  _ Lucis _ SFW

We went to Jenna’s earlier this year and took a day trip into the north Georgia vineyards.  It started to look like rain and I made this while everyone else was sitting around drinking wine.  It did not do much for me then, but after looking at it fo a while, I thought that I could do something with it.  I still might come along and add some more grass in the foreground to cover up the dead spots, but I thought that I would just through it up to see what type of response I get.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

IMG_9344 N Ga Vineyard 2 _ SFW

Ok … I reworked the above image some and I thought that I would just add it to this post instead of creating a whole new post.  All I did was come along and tried to add some new grass to portions of the foreground .  I also added some more branches to one of the trees in the background to fill it out more.  See if you can tell a difference …

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November 8, 2014 at 9:59 am

Judge Roy Bean’s Cabin in Pecos, NM …

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IMG_2564  Judge Roy Bean _SOOC _ SFW

The above photo is one that I made ten years ago out in Pecos, New Mexico.  I filed it away and and ran across it the other day and thought that I would do something with it.  Mainly, I wanted to show that with a little imagination and a lot of Photoshop, you can take what I would call a ” below average ” photo and turn it into something that is a lot more interesting than just the straight image.  Now I am not saying that it is going to win any awards, but it does have an interesting look that gets your attention …


IMG_2564  Judge Roy Bean Home_Best _ 3 Nov 14 _Matte 3 _SFW

The main change that I did was to run it through ” Lucis Art Filter ” to come up with the overall look and then alter the color and saturation.  There are a few more adjustments that I did, and if anyone is is interested let me know.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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November 3, 2014 at 7:11 pm

More Bubba …

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Bubba 2 _ 1985 _ RTP _ SFW

This is another portrait of my friend, Bubba Hual, that I made back in 1985.  I had posted one earlier of Bubba that I taken and I had had it exhibited in the PPofA National Print Exhibit in the late 1980’s.  Now in the digital word you can take a color negative, scan the image, convert it to b&w and rework the image in Photoshop to give the image an entirely different look.  I also ran the image through the Lucis Art Filter to bring out the texture of Bubba’s skin.  Back in the early 1980’s, I attended a school in Greenville South Carolina for professional photographs.  They brought in photographers from all over and two men that I took classes with were Al Gilbert from Toronto and Frank Cirrichio from Texas.  I learned more from these two men than the majority all of the others combined.  Here is the b&w conversion of the above image …


Bubba 2 _ 1985 _ RTP _ BW _ SFW

It is amazing how much the Lucis Filter brings out the detail in the skin texture.  Thanks for looking and if you have any questions about any of this, please ask … Frank

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April 6, 2014 at 11:00 am

Just A Few More From The Game Against Rutherford …

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IMG_5861  Table 1 _ SFW

This is one of the girls selling corsages for homecoming in several weeks … I believe it is on the weekend of October 18 & 19.  I also want to say it is sponsored by the dance team.  If I am wrong on either of these two items, please let me know and I will correct the info.  Like I have always said … I just take them, I don’t explain them,  but I do want to give credit where credit is due.  Next are several of the CHS defense taking one of the Rutherford runners down.  The first is just adjusted and the second is the same image run through the Lucis Art Filter …

IMG_5919  Bring Down  _ RTP _ 10_4_13  SFW

IMG_5919  Bring Down  _ RTP _ 10_4_13  Lucis  SFW

Here is another field goal …

IMG_5916  The Kick 2 _ RTP _ 10_4_13  SFW

The last is one showing CHS defense knocking the ball out of a Rutherford player’s grasp.  I do not know if CHS recovered the fumble or not, but I thought that it must have been some hit for the ball to fly up in air like it did …


OK … That should be about all from this game that I will post on this blog.  I am surprised that I was able to get three posts from this one game, but every time I went into this folder, images just keep popping up that seemed interesting.  All comments are appreciated and thanks for looking … Frank

One more thing, I have put all of the photos from the game over on my Zenfolio site.  Here is a link for you to click on .   Once you are on the page, just scroll down until you see the image of the students in the stands.  Click on the photo and it will open up the folder for you to look at the images that are there.  Contact me personally if there is something  special that you are interested in … a composite, a poster size print.  The photos from Homecoming and other events in the school year that I  photograph will be posted here for you to view and purchase if you choose.  Thanks again for looking and feel free to contact me if you have any questions ,,, Frank

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October 4, 2013 at 2:29 pm

Several More From CHS vs Rutherford Game …

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Here are several more from the game this past weekend.  The first two are ones that I have already posted, but I have re-worked them using the Lucis Art Filter in Photoshop.  I like the different looks that you can achieve when you use the plug-in with other enhancements in Photoshop.  I do not see that many other photographers using the Lucis plug-in and I am surprised they do not use Photoshop to improve their work.  Most seem to just shoot and up-load … no enhancing, no retouching, no tonal adjusting, no color correcting … nothing but shoot and up-load.  So much for that rambling … here are the images … I hope you enjoy the enhancement …

Crowd Candid _ 20 C _ RTP _ Lucis_SFW

I think that this image really gives you a feel of the crowd’s energy and how much fun these students are having at the game.  The straight shot is nice and colorful, but this really shows school spirit!  The next one is of the cheerleaders from Sacred Heart that were cheering at the game …

S H Cheerleaders  5  _ RTP_Lucis_SFW

You can almost hear the girl’s cheering.  The next two are new images from the game.  The first is a side-line shot showing how exhausted the players are from the game and I thought that the gold color on their jerseys looks almost metallic.  Notice how the Lucis filter brings out the detail in the shadow areas …

IMG_5879  Players _ RTP _ Lucis _ SFW

And here is one from a play …

IMG_5910  Q B  Play 5 _ RTP _ Lucis _ SFW

That is it for now, I still have a few more from this game that I will try to post later.  I hope you enjoy looking at these.  If you have any comments, good or bad, please let me hear them.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

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October 2, 2013 at 6:38 pm

Commercial Work …

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Years ago, I used to get a lot of commercial work, but through the years, it has really fallen off.  Below is an example of what I considered ” bread and butter ” style of most of my commercial work.  It was hardly ever glamorous, but it was always interesting and I learned something from the job and the people I met were for the most part nice and accommodating.   This type of work paid my rent for many years.  The first image is a scan of the transparency that I supplied the manufacturer of the pipe.  Pretty much a straight shot … I was suspended from a bucket by a crane over the guys working on the pipe.

Pipe Drill   1 _ RTP  _  SFW   19  Sept 13

Nothing great … it was what the manufacturer asked for.  Now thirty years later, you have various methods in Photoshop to turn an average image into something that is more creative and interesting.  I use a plug-in called ” Lucis ”  that has a setting that lets you run on an image that adds contrast and brings details out in the shadow areas.  I have shown it’s use in prior posts and also have shown a before and after for comparison.  Here is the image after having the ” Lucis ” Photoshop filter used on it …

Pipe Drill   1 _ RTP_Lucis _ SFW

Notice how the details in the dirt are more vivid and how the darker areas of the image are brought out more.  I had a post earlier this year that I had taken out at Fort Pickens and I showed some before and after images where I used this filter.  It really brought out a lot of detail in the shadow areas of the fort that just were dark and lifeless.  Thanks again for looking and please remember that I do all types of photography.  I am happy to discuss any project that you have, just give me a call at 850-449-1279 or send me an email.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

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September 23, 2013 at 8:54 am

Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach Florida …

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Here are some photos that I made last week-end out at Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach.  We took Lukas out to the beach and then decided to take him out to see the fort.  The first several are of him and then the rest are of the fort …

9209 Lukas 2_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9212 Lukas 1 _ RTP_1_21_13_SFW

The second photo is not all that good, and he is hard to get him to stand still for too long, so I have to grab what I can.  I will show some more of him on my next post … an oyster bake that we had out at our house.  Now back to Fort Pickens … the first is a straight out of camera shot and the next one will be the same image that was run through a Lucis Photoshop filter …

IMG_9231 Fort With Canon_Straight_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9232 Fort with Canon_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_RTP_1_21_13 No Border_SFW

Is that interesting or what?  All that I did was run the image through one of the filters in the Lucis program and then adjust the sliders to get the look that I wanted and then check the run button and then what you see comes out.  Here are a few more the exterior and interior views of the fort …

IMG_9198 Top of Fort 1_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9176 Fort Window_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9183 Fort 1_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9179 Fort 2 _ Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9167 Arches_Adj Lucis Sharp_4x6_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9169  Fort 4_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9195 Canon_RTP 2_1_21_13_SFW

And finally, this sunset from on top of the fort …

IMG_9253 Sunset at Fort_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

It does not look as look like your normal “beach” sunset, to me anyway, if there is such a thing as a normal beach sunset.  If anyone has any comments or questions about any of these photos, please let me hear from you.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

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January 27, 2013 at 11:05 am