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New and Miscellaneous Work ….

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I have not been posting much on these blogs since I post to Instagram.  I am at @frankphardy on Instagram for those of you that might be interested and see what I throw up on it.  I seem to attract more attention there that I have on this blog.  But I do not plan on getting rid of this blog since I have had it so long.  Here are a few new images and several that I have reworked. Enjoy …

I am sort of all over the place with these images from California to Ireland to Memphis to back to California and I started it off on Pensacola Beach.  Thanks for looking and please check back, I have some concert negatives that I have acquired from back in the 1960’s and 70’s that I plan to post in the near future.  Don’t forget to go to my Instagram feed … @frankphardy … and see my work there.  Feel free to comment and thanks for looking ….

Some More From Ireland …

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The Duke_5x5_RTP_1 July 15 _Blog

It is hard to believe that it was ten years ago this time of July that Pam and I were over in Ireland.  I am still going through my file and coming up with new images to work up and post.  No, it is not because I take such great photos … it is because that I take so many of them!!!  I think that I made over 1600 digital images and I think that I shot close to twenty-five rolls of 120 b&w film with my Hasselblad.  The one regret that I have is that I wish I would have taken more photos with people, sort of like character studies that I made of the Irish musician playing the flute outside of the train station.  Here are a few more and these are all that I have not posted before …

Door of Dublin _ 5x5_29 June 15 _ RTP_ Blog

IMG_0484Grafton Street Cleo_29 June 15_ Blog

St Elmo Sign _ 5x5 _ RTP _ 1 July 15 _ Blog

Irish Times Sign_5x5_RTP_1 July 15 _ Blog

On the last image of the Irish Times sign, I removed a video camera and a light that I thought took away from the image.  It seems that every where you go in the world today there are going to be video cameras and you see that in a lot of the movies.  If you throw a candy wrapper down in a major city today it is being video-taped, so you better watch out and find a trash can and not liter.  That is about it for me … I have not forgotten my blogs, but have been occupied with other things lately..  One thing that has gotten my attention has been Instgram.  Here is a link to my page and there are a lot of photos that I have posted here, but not all.  I have been adding images from my father’s blog with photos he made from the 1930’s to the ’60’s, so that I do not have to bother with two Instagram accounts.  That is it for now … thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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July 7, 2015 at 5:47 pm

Seven Nights in Ireland …

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IMG_0066  Sailboat Sighn Ireland _ RTP _1 May15 _ SFW

Here are a few more from years back.  I have four hard drives that I cannot get to turn on, so I have been going through discs that I burned and stored.  Lucky for me that I did that … I have not burned any discs lately I am ashamed to say.  Yes, I know, I have gotten lazy with my computer ” house-work ” and I need to get back in the habit.  A few more that I ran across and cleaned up …

IMG_0275  Bench 2 _ SFW

IMG_0324  Window _ RTP_1 May 15 _ SFW

IMG_0327  Irish Table_SFW_1 May 15

The top image was a pub front in Cork and the bottom three are from a bed / breakfast in Galway on Lower Salthill Road called the Saint James.  Thanks for looking and if anyone has any questions or comments, please let me hear them. Please check back … Frank

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May 1, 2015 at 5:45 pm

A Few More Random Ones …

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When I say random, I mean random.  The only real thing that they have in common is that I have taken them over the last eleven or twelve years.  I have been going through some old CD’s that I burned and have selected a few.  Let me know what you think …


IMG_0408  Green Cross _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_0488  Red Door Ireland _ RTP _ 1 May 15 _ SFW

IMG_2968  Mexican Wall _ RTP _ 1 May 15_SFW

IMG_8565  DAR _ 1 May 15 _ RTP_Lucis _ SFW

IMG_9336 Davenport Hotel Ireland _ RTP _ 1 May 15 _ SFW

Like I said earlier, the only thing that these images have in common is that I made them.  It is a shame that the image on the computer screen does not show how pretty and colorful the actual images are when printed.  I have been busy with other things lately and have neglected my blogs in the last few weeks.  Luckily, I have lots of images worked up … it is just sitting down and posting them.  I know I should add more comments, but the sad truth is that I do not have an interesting commentary to go along with the photographs.  Thanks for looking and I will be back … Frank

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May 1, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Irish Musician …

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Dublin Musician 1 _ ReWorked _ 10 Mar 15 _ SFW

This flute player was outside of the Pease Street  train station in Dublin.  I have posted several other images of him but never this one.  I have added a link to the station and it shows the front of the train station in real time, so maybe if you watch it long enough he might show up.  One of the nicest guys you would ever want meet, but to be perfectly honest with you … a little of the flute playing goes along way with me.  If anyone has ever run across him, let me know. It would be interesting to know if he is still around.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Several From Ireland …

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Dingle Peninsula 1F_RTP_8 Nov 13 _ SFW

The one above is from the Dingle Peninsula and the one below was taken in a forest near Blarney Ireland.  Both were taken on a trip to Ireland Pam and I took in 2005.  I shot 25 rolls of 120 b&w Kodak film and over 1,500 digital images on this trip.  I have trying to catalog all of these images and I still have a lot that I have not posted, so you might be seeing more in the near future.  Who knows, I might even break-down and try to do a book …


Tree Trunk Ireland 3_RTP_27 Nov 13_SFW

Both of these were shot on 120 b&w Kodak film with a Hasselblad 50mm lens and then scanned and worked up in Photoshop.  The tree roots photo is really sharp and has a lot of detail that just does not show up on a monitor.  No telling how old this tree is and I really do not have a clue as to what type of tree it is either.  Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Labor Day.  As always … any comments and questions are welcomed and appreciated.  Thanks for looking … Frank

One More Irish ” Painting ” …

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Warrick Hotel_RTP_Lucis_12_15_13_Impression 1 B_SFW

This is the Warrick Hotel in Galway Ireland.  It is located on Lower Salthill Road, I believe.  We did not stay at this hotel, if my memory is correct, it is located down the road from a Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at called ” The St. James”.  This hotel is only a block or two from the Atlantic … I regret that I did not wonder inside to take a look around when I look at this image.  It looks like a place that you would find in France on the Riviera … at least from photos that I have seen.  I have a slew of these type of images that I think would look interesting using this technique and when I have some spare time I am going to do a few more.  Sometime I will get a few printed on canvas and show you how they look.  Thanks for looking and let me hear from you … Frank

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December 15, 2013 at 10:39 am