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Santa and Elves in Pensacola ,,,

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IMG_0011 Santa and Elves_ SFW

Santa and his helper Elves just happened to drop into Chick-fil-A on Bayou Blvd yesterday.  Luckily, I just stumbled in with my camera to capture a few photos of the moment.  I have to say that it was lucky for Santa to have such cute and able helpers with him.  The Elf on the right was really great going around and gathering up kids to visit with Santa … she is really going to be a great “PR” Elf when she grows up.  No, that can not be right since elves never can grow up.  Here are a few more …


IMG_0013  Santa and Elf_5x5_12 Dec 15 _Best_SFW


IMG_0062 Santa and Elf_5x5_12 Dec 15_SFW

I hope that you did not notice holding the iPhone in the first photo … I retouched one other image with him holding it, but did not bother with that one.  I am hoping that all you are saying  how cute Santa’s ” little-helper’s” are and not even noticing what Santa is holding.  Thanks for looking and please check back.  Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas 2015 … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

December 13, 2015 at 3:40 pm

The Royal Baby …

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IMG_0900 Baby Feet _ SFW _ 24 July 13

Well, no, this is not THE ROYAL BABY, Prince George Albert Louis or whatever, but to his parents and grandparents he sure is!  I came across this image the other day when I was going through my files looking for something and thought that I would put it up.  This type of thing was popular seven or eight years ago, however I have not had a call for this style of baby photography for several years now.   Thanks for looking and please keep me in mind for all types of baby photography … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

July 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm