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Natalie and Trey Wedding at the Barkley House at Seville Square …

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On Red Sofa _ RTP 1 _ Color  2 _6x4 SFW_Logo

This is wedding of Natalie Quina and Trey Richburg that I helped my good friend Bud Lovoy   photograph that was held at the Barkley House in downtown Pensacola Florida.  The house is actually in an area called Seville Square that is run by the Historic Pensacola Village group.  The link above takes you to their site, so you can see all of the sites that they rent in the Historic Pensacola Village / Seville Square.  The photo above was taken in one of the rooms at the Barkley House,  the photos of the bride’s family and the groom’s family were made at the bride’s parent’s house in North Hill.  All of the rest were made at the grounds around the Barkley House.  It was a beautiful October afternoon, the weather was perfect, the food was fantastic, etc, etc.  I hope you enjoy …

Bride By Tree  3 _  RTP_BW_SFW

Quina Grouping  3  _ SFW

Quina Grouping 1 _ SFW

IMG_6712  Clowning Around  2  _  RTP_SFW 2

Quina Grouping  2 _ SFW

IMG_6754  B and G 5 _ RTP_SFW  2

IMG_6763  B and G on Bench _ RTP_SFW 2

IMG_6748  B and G  2  A  _  RTP _ SFW 2

IMG_6895  Tables 2 _ RTP_SFW 2

Dancing Photos

IMG_6919  Carter Speaking 2 _ RTP_SFW

Those twenty or so photographs are just a small fraction of all of the images that Bud and I created.  The link associated with Bud’s name above will take you to his site that displays his work.  Just scroll around until you find the folder that says either ” Quina Wedding ” or ” Natalie and Trey ” and click on it to see all of the photos that we created for their wedding.  If you have any questions or comments, either call me at 850-449-1279 or email me through this site, or you could contact Bud through his site.  It does not matter which, both of us are happy to do any thing that we can to help.

Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank



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January 23, 2014 at 5:25 pm

Just A Few More From The Game Against Rutherford …

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IMG_5861  Table 1 _ SFW

This is one of the girls selling corsages for homecoming in several weeks … I believe it is on the weekend of October 18 & 19.  I also want to say it is sponsored by the dance team.  If I am wrong on either of these two items, please let me know and I will correct the info.  Like I have always said … I just take them, I don’t explain them,  but I do want to give credit where credit is due.  Next are several of the CHS defense taking one of the Rutherford runners down.  The first is just adjusted and the second is the same image run through the Lucis Art Filter …

IMG_5919  Bring Down  _ RTP _ 10_4_13  SFW

IMG_5919  Bring Down  _ RTP _ 10_4_13  Lucis  SFW

Here is another field goal …

IMG_5916  The Kick 2 _ RTP _ 10_4_13  SFW

The last is one showing CHS defense knocking the ball out of a Rutherford player’s grasp.  I do not know if CHS recovered the fumble or not, but I thought that it must have been some hit for the ball to fly up in air like it did …


OK … That should be about all from this game that I will post on this blog.  I am surprised that I was able to get three posts from this one game, but every time I went into this folder, images just keep popping up that seemed interesting.  All comments are appreciated and thanks for looking … Frank

One more thing, I have put all of the photos from the game over on my Zenfolio site.  Here is a link for you to click on .   Once you are on the page, just scroll down until you see the image of the students in the stands.  Click on the photo and it will open up the folder for you to look at the images that are there.  Contact me personally if there is something  special that you are interested in … a composite, a poster size print.  The photos from Homecoming and other events in the school year that I  photograph will be posted here for you to view and purchase if you choose.  Thanks again for looking and feel free to contact me if you have any questions ,,, Frank

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October 4, 2013 at 2:29 pm

Several More From CHS vs Rutherford Game …

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Here are several more from the game this past weekend.  The first two are ones that I have already posted, but I have re-worked them using the Lucis Art Filter in Photoshop.  I like the different looks that you can achieve when you use the plug-in with other enhancements in Photoshop.  I do not see that many other photographers using the Lucis plug-in and I am surprised they do not use Photoshop to improve their work.  Most seem to just shoot and up-load … no enhancing, no retouching, no tonal adjusting, no color correcting … nothing but shoot and up-load.  So much for that rambling … here are the images … I hope you enjoy the enhancement …

Crowd Candid _ 20 C _ RTP _ Lucis_SFW

I think that this image really gives you a feel of the crowd’s energy and how much fun these students are having at the game.  The straight shot is nice and colorful, but this really shows school spirit!  The next one is of the cheerleaders from Sacred Heart that were cheering at the game …

S H Cheerleaders  5  _ RTP_Lucis_SFW

You can almost hear the girl’s cheering.  The next two are new images from the game.  The first is a side-line shot showing how exhausted the players are from the game and I thought that the gold color on their jerseys looks almost metallic.  Notice how the Lucis filter brings out the detail in the shadow areas …

IMG_5879  Players _ RTP _ Lucis _ SFW

And here is one from a play …

IMG_5910  Q B  Play 5 _ RTP _ Lucis _ SFW

That is it for now, I still have a few more from this game that I will try to post later.  I hope you enjoy looking at these.  If you have any comments, good or bad, please let me hear them.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

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October 2, 2013 at 6:38 pm

Children’s Summer Portraits …

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Theresa_RTP_Frame_13 July 13 _SFW

Here are several portraits that I made of a few children in the last month or so.  The one above has had a border added to it, but the color is natural.  The color of the three portraits below has been adjusted for effect and I have added  borders to  two of them.  I have not been a big fan of color shifts in the past, but they seem to be very popular because you see them everywhere.  I thought that I would try a few out and see what type of comments I get.  They are not too drastic and they do give the portraits a different look …


IMG_0744  Elle 5 _ Good  _Color Efex Blue_SFW


IMG_0845 Neighbor Girl 1 Best_RTP_Nik_SFW


Let me know what you think about the looks.  Even though I have been digital for eleven years now,  I have been slow to embrace a lot of the Photoshop “actions” as gimmicky.   So many photographers seem to use them to enhance mediocre images and I never wanted to jump on that bandwagon.  Thanks again for looking and please keep me in mind for all your portrait needs … Frank

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July 11, 2013 at 6:54 pm

Charisma Photos …

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IMG_0142  Leaning By Wall 2   _ SFW

As most of you know, I have taken photos for the Pensacola Catholic High School Charisma yearbook since … 1978.  It is hard to believe, because it seems like only yesterday that I graduated from UWF (  17 Mar 1977 ) and on 18 Mar 1977, I was a full-time photographer.  Whenever I take photos for the Charisma , I never post any of them until the yearbook comes out.  Here are several that I made for the magazine insert that goes along with the yearbook.  I cannot remember this underclassman’s name off the top of my head, but I am sure that I will find out from  someone.  Here are a few more … I am not sure which of these they used or if they used them at all, I only looked at the yearbook and the insert for a minute.  I will have to drop by the school and get my copy.  Here are a couple more that I thought were interesting …

IMG_0200 Close up of Letter and Rosary_SFW

I thought that the two editors that worked this up did a great job of creating a series of images that told a story.  Here is the last image …

IMG_0164  Leaning By Wall   3_ Best_ SFW

I have several more posts from other images that I made for this past 2013 yearbook that I will put up shortly..  I always take so many images and they can usually use just a few, I thought that I would share a few more of them with everyone.  Thanks for looking and all comments are appreciated … Frank

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June 4, 2013 at 5:20 pm