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Las Vegas …

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Vogel Neg_Las Vegas_8x10_RTP_21 June 16_SFW

This is something that I would classify as  ” street ” photography. I did not take this image, but bought the negative off of EBay for a few dollars.  The negative looked clean and was taken back in the 1960’s, but more importantly it just looked interesting.  Nothing earth shattering here but there is a lot going on within the frame of the photo without anything actually happening and I do not consider a women walking out of a glass door in what looks to be a strip mall interesting.  I have bought a few of these type negatives the past few months  and I plan to share them with you in the future … I just had this one ready and I could put my hand on it easily.  I hope everyone is staying cool this summer, it is hot here in the Florida panhandle.  Like I have mentioned earlier, most of my attention has been on Instagram the past year and I have come into contact with a lot of people that I would not have met through my blogs .  I also plan on putting up a web site again in the future when I can figure out what I am trying to achieve and whom I am trying to reach.  My Instagram address ( for lack of knowing what Instagram calls it ) is – frankphardy .  I have over a thousand posts and I have only been serious it for a year.  I have combined my photography ( which is all over the place ) , my father’s images that I post on his site that I run ( a link is in the column to your right ) and the images that purchase from other photographers, EBay, etc.  When I do purchase a print or negative from someone I always work it up in Photoshop, clean it up, crop it, alter it some way, before I post it in a blog or Instagram.  Thanks for looking … if you ever went to this show or review back in the 1960’s in Las Vegas, I would love to hear from you.  Or if you just want to comment on the image, knock yourself out ( just figuratively ) … Frank.

Written by Frank Hardy

June 24, 2016 at 10:19 am

First Published Photograph …

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Ninth Grade Workman Basketball Group_RTP_SFW

This photo of the basketball team at Workman Junior High School was my first photograph that I ever had published and received credit for creating.  I also was in the ninth grade, so this made me thirteen or fourteen.  I have talked to several of the guys in this photo in the past few years, but the majority of them I have not heard from or seen in the last forty years or so.  I have seen Coach Bridges at the Publix on 9TH and Bayou once or twice in the last several years and I have some mutual friends of Coach Shipmen that fish with him and they say he is doing well.  Both of these men must have graduated from college  and this Workman job must have been one of their first teaching jobs back in 1966.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

January 27, 2013 at 11:27 am