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Holiday Inn On Pensacola Beach …

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IMG_3327  Holiday Inn _ Lucis _ 4x6 _ SFW

After that last snowy road image from out in Wyoming, I thought that I had better bring it all back home.  This is one of the old Holiday Inn out on Pensacola Beach.  The hotel was torn down after the damage from Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis.  I cannot remember when I made this, but it obviously was not yesterday.  I cannot tell you how many wedding receptions I photographed here, but I am sure that it was at least a hundred or more.  The food was always delicious and you sure could not beat the view when the reception was held up stairs at the Penthouse Lounge.  In this area is where the new Margaritaville Hotel is now located … not exactly in the same spot, but this is a huge piece of real estate.  It was really one of Pensacola Beach’s landmarks for many years.  Now, if I only could find some images of the Dunes Motel and Lounge ….   Thanks for looking and if you have any questions or comments, please let us hear them … Frank

PhotoShop Work …

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One thing that I have been proud of since I went digital in 2002, is how far my PhotoShop skill has progressed.  It literally took me several years to understand how the program works and all of the things that you can achieve when using them.  You really have to become a student of PhotoShop because there is no way that you can learn all of the functions that the program offers … at least me anyway.  The following image of how a good image can be improved to be a better one.  My good friend Bud Lovoy took this image at a wedding that we did several weeks ago down at the Barkley House in downtown Pensacola / Seville Square.  The first image is what I call ” OOC ” or out of camera .   Nice relaxed pose and expression … looks believable.  So much of the stuff that I see on other photographer’s blogs looks like it was staged or set-up … nobody does some of the contrived positions that the bride or couples are placed in.  The one that always gets me is the couple holding hands, standing up against a wall or in a parking lot or in the middle of the road.  But enough of that … here is the image that I started with …

IMG_4061  OOC  _  SFW

Not bad … I did not have to do a lot of PhotoShop to this image.  I leveled the image and removed the framed prints.  The hardest part was making the wall look the same on either side of the sofa.  Balancing the color and removing any shadows took the most time.  Now, the finished image …

IMG_4061  On Red Sofa _ RTP 1 _ Color  2 _6x4 SFW

I put my tag on the prints, but like I mentioned earlier, Bud Lovoy was the photographer and I was just the retoucher on this image.  I will have to make Bud a “tag” and replace mine sometime in the future.  I plan on creating a post in the near future with images I made at her wedding two weeks ago, so please check back.  I know a lot of girls will be getting engagement rings for Christmas in a few months and will start planning their wedding for 2014.  I hope that they will at least remember Bud and I, so you will see a few wedding posts in the future.  Even though I have been shooting weddings for over thirty-five years, I am always surprised to see all of the new names out there working in the area.  Here is a link to Bud’s Zenfolio site, where you can view images from this wedding and other events that Bud has photographed.

That is all for now … Please give me a call at 850-449-1279 and I will be happy to discuss how all of this comes together.  Thanks and please check back … Frank

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October 24, 2013 at 8:46 am

Scenic Hills Bridal Show …

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Bud Lovoy and I attended a bridal show at Scenic Hills Country Club this past Tuesday.  I posted some photos from the bridal show on Sunday out at Tiger Point Country Club.  The table settings are from Marry Me Weddings located in Cordova Square and the cake is from Publix at Ninth and Bayou Blvd.

The candy bag was designed by Christine at Scenic Hills Country Club, the table setting by Marry Me Weddings again and the arraignment on the end was created by Just Judy’s Flowers on 12th Avenue.  Below is me by our display and Bud below that.

Bud and I have helped each other on weddings for over twenty years … he has been a real help to me through the years!  If you are planning a wedding, please give us a call and we will be happy to discuss what we do.

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February 1, 2011 at 4:45 pm

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