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Pensacola Catholic High School Basketball …

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Cheerleaders _10x10_RTP_6 April 16 _ SFW

Here are some photos that I took at a basketball game at Pensacola Catholic High School back in the late 1970’s.  The boys and girls basketball teams played Pensacola High School this night.  I cannot remember who won, but it was a good two games.  I thought that I would just start it off with one of the CHS cheerleaders and I will move on the the basketball games next.  Since I cannot remember anything about either game, I will omit the running commentary and just post the photos.  I will start with the girls and then post a few of the boys.  Enjoy …


Boys Team 1 _ Good Enough_6  April 16 _ SFW

Boys Team 3 _10x10_RTP_6 April 16 _SFW

Girls  Team  12_10x10_RTP_6 April 16 _SFW

Girls Team 10_10x10_RTP_ 6 April 16 _SFW

There are other negatives in the envelope that I might clean-up and post later.  If anyone has any clue who any of the players are, please feel free to comment.  I want to say that these games were played in 1979, but I am probably wrong.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Seniors …

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Here are several seniors from earlier this year …

IMG_8910   Bosarge By Wall _ RTP_1 May 15 _ SFW

IMG_8945  Emily By Tree_5x7_RTP_SFW_1 May 15

IMG_0357  By Wall _ 2 _ Ret_SFW

Three Gabbys _ RTP _ 1 May 15_ SFW

There were so many cute photos of the last senior that I just did a quick job of combining three.   Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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May 1, 2015 at 12:23 pm

Pensacola CHS 2015 Senior Prom …

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IMG_2931  Candid Girls _ Color Balanced_SFW

Several weeks ago Pensacola Catholic High School had their Senior Prom down at the Pensacola Museum of Commerce ( I still think of it as The Transportation Museum ) and I went down to take a few photos of the King and Queen.  I was early for the walk-out and made some random photos of the kids dancing and having fun.  Here are a few random images and several of the king and queen …

IMG_2897 Candid Girls 2  _ SFW

IMG_2935  Crowd   _ Lucis  _ SFW

IMG_2959  Candid Girls  _ UTO_ SFW

IMG_2960  Good Candid Girls  _ UTO _ SFW

IMG_3032  Prom Crowd   _ SFW

IMG_3038  Senior Line _ SFW

IMG_3049  K and Q Dancing _ SFW

IMG_3062  King and Queen _ Ex _ SFW


There are a handful of photos for you to view … I have more here on my Zenfolio site if anyone is interested in viewing them,  I should have posted these sooner, but I have been busy with other things and have ignored by blogs the last several weeks.  I have several posts ready to go and I will put them up this week.  Thanks for looking and if anyone has any questions or comments please ask … Frank

CHS 2015 Homecoming …

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IMG_0152  Group Before 3 _ SFW

Here are a few candid shots from the CHS Homecoming Pep Rally and several from the football game along with one from the dance.  I still have some more work to do on the ones from the half time walk-out and at the dance.  I will post all of the ones that I have worked-up over at my Zenfolio site for everyone to see.  You can also purchase them directly from the site and your order will be mailed to your home.  Here goes a few … I will start off with the cheerleaders at the pep rally … Then move to a few from the game …


IMG_0298  Cheerleaders 1   _ SFW

IMG_0363  The Run  2  _ SFW

IMG_0364  On The Run _ SFW

IMG_0499  M  M  and H  _ SFW

I will put a few from the walk-out at half time later, with some more from the dance.  I have to work on a few more of them before I put them on the blog … they do not come out of the camera looking like these.  Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look … if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.  Thanks again … Frank

A Few More CHS Football Photos From 1977 …

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CHS Football  Team 2 _ 7x5_ RTP _ SFW

The other team photo that I posted earlier might have been the Junior Varsity team after looking at the guys in this photo.  The guys sitting in this photo sure do not look like 9th graders, especially numbers 44 and 75, or either they spent four or five years in the 6th grade.  I have another photo of the quarterback taking a snap from center that I have ready, but I have been busy with other things over the last two weeks and have not spent any time on the blogs.  I have a lot to scan that I think you will enjoy seeing, so please check back.  Here is the photo I mentioned earlier …


CHS Football 1 _ 5x5_RTP _ SFW

These guys look familiar and I am sure that someone out there will identify them and also the guys in the group.  One thing that I have done recently is tie my two blogs in with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.  I knew you could do it, but I never really took the time with any of them until the past several months.   I realized how many more people I could hopefully reach if I did.  There are a lot more people that I want to come in contact with and I hope these other areas will attract them … I have never bothered with Facebook and still do not have a Frank Hardy Photography Facebook page, but I think that I am going to break down and create one in the future.  If anyone out there has any suggestions and tips, I am all ears.  If you run across these posts on any of those platforms that would not have run across my blog sites, I am interested in hearing from you.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

2014 Baccalaureate Mass For Pensacola Catholic High School …

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Here are some random images that I had taken at St Paul’s Catholic Church during the Baccalaureate Mass for the 2014 Graduates of Pensacola Catholic High School.  Just to break up all of these images, I will have a separate post for the Graduation Ceremony in a few days.  Since they are pretty much self-explanatory, I won’t bother to comment. Aren’t  you glad? ….

IMG_3958  Seniors 2  _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_3959  Seniors 1  _ RTP  _ SFW

IMG_3961  Seniors 10 _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_3963  Three Alter Students _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_3970  Grads Line Up _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_3976  Pena and Borcz _ RTP _ SFW Add MeIMG_3978 Grads Entering St Pauls  _ RTP _ SFWdia

IMG_3984  Sister and Graduates _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_3999  Coach Burk  in St Pauls _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_4002  Priests 2 _ Best _ RTP  _ SFW

IMG_4003  Priests Approaching Alter  _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_4004  Singers at Podium  _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_4016  Seniors in Church  _ RTP  _ SFW

I think that these give you a pretty good idea of the event.  Aren’t these some nice looking graduates?  Where has all of the years gone?  It just seems like yesterday that they were just starting first grade.  Thanks for looking and if you have any comments or suggestions, please let me hear them.  I will post the graduation photos shortly … Frank

Several Seniors …

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Here are several CHS senior girls from the past few days.  I was able to rent Studio One in downtown Pensacola this past weekend for a few senior re-shoots.  It has a nice courtyard with red brick walls and I took the first three girls outside and we made a few casual shots.  I am really surprised when mother’s of seniors make the comment ” I did not know that you did this type of photography ” … well, you know, after thirty five years, there is not much that I have not photographed So, I figure, I better show some ” casual ” poses in case people wonder what I do … I know that I have done a poor job the last few years marketing myself to the public and I apologize for that.  I am going to try to do a better job at explaining what I do for everyone in the future.  The last girl came out to my house and I made some over at my barn in front a horse stall.  Here we go …

IMG_7519  Natalie Casual 3 _ Color_SFW

IMG_7458  Finger Caual 1 _ RTP _ Best 2_SFW

IMG_7596 Clune Casual 5_Ret_RTP_SFW

IMG_7528 Natalie Casual 1 _ RTP_SFW_Best

IMG_7526 Natalie Casual 1 _ Color_SFW Horizontal

IMG_7454 Finger Casual 3 _ RTP_Color_SFW

IMG_7602 Clune Candid 3 _ Ret _ RTP_SFW

IMG_7605  Clune Candid 1 _ Ret _SFW

IMG_7673 Hamilton Casual 1 _RTP  Ret   SFW

Hamilton Casual 2 _ RTP Ret  Sat SFW

If anyone has any questions about the types of photography that do or have done in the past, please do not hesitate to call me at 850-449-1279.  Thanks for taking the time time to look and please check back … Frank

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October 29, 2013 at 9:02 am