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Pensacola Beach …

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IMG_0983 P Beach Pano _ 17 Aug 14 _8x2 _SFW

The above is a panorama I made earlier today ( 17 Aug 14 ) out on the fishing pier at Pensacola Beach.  Gorgeous day.  Hot and bright.  Made with my iPhone looking east about midway on the pier.  It is hard for me to get over how sharp these images made with an iPhone.  I have two more images that I am going to share with you.  The first is just a view again from the pier looking west with the Margaritaville Hotel in the frame with a few surfers in the foreground and then one of the ” Beach Ball ” water tower.

IMG_1008  Margaritaville _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_1014  Water Tower _ SFW

I should have framed the Beach Ball differently, but you still get the idea.  We could not get over how thin the crowds at the beach was for this time of year.  With still two weeks left in August before Labor Day, you would have thought that it would have been hard to find a parking space in the Casino Beach parking lot, but it was not half-full.  There were spaces as soon as you turned in … I guess everyone still must have been over at the Flora-Bama leftover and hungover from the Kenny Chesney Concert yesterday.  The water was nice, but there was a lot of seaweed.  Thanks for looking and I still have a few posts ready to go that I will post shortly.  Don’t forget to check over at my other blog … there is a link on the right-hand side of this blog that will take you to it.  I finally linked this blog and the other blog to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in hopes of getting some more exposure and it seems to be working.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let me hear them.  Thanks again … Frank

Florida Skills USA 2014 Conference in Pensacola …

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Back in April, I was asked to judge the Photography section at the Florida Skills USA Conference 2014 that was held at the Bay Centre and other areas in Pensacola. I had done this several years ago and enjoyed seeing all of the creative photography from the students from around the state. I have always been a believer in a vo-tech education for the main reason that when these students graduate they have the skills and ability to do a job. I was also hired to take photos at the Hospitality Party held before the awards banquet at the Bay Centre. The night that the awards ceremony was held happened to be the night that Pensacola had that torrential rain and ended up receiving something like twenty-four inches of rain in eight hours. But that is another story in itself and I won’t go into you with it here. I have a lot of photos to show and I am not going to bother identifying them. So here we go …


IMG_8294  Tyler and Joey at Front Desk _ SFW

Dancers and Speakers _ RTP _ SFW

Hospitality Groups 2 _ RTP  _ SFW

Candids _ H _ RTP  _ SFW

IMG_8339  Stage Set Up _ Lucis _ SFW

IMG_8347  Fisherman 1_ Lucis _ SFW


IMG_8348  More Stage Show _ SFW

IMG_8349  More Dancing Sea Animals _ SFW

IMG_8364  Stage Dancers  _ Lucis_ SFW

IMG_8363 Stage Dancers 2_ Black Light Only _ Lucis _SFW

IMG_8353  Dancing Sea Animals 1 _ SFW

Now, this is just the first ten minutes of the award’s show!  The theme was a Sponge Bob underwater / chorus line / Broadway musical type show.  Those are just my words … whatever phrase you used to describe the extravaganza is up to you.  Call it whatever you want, but you’d  have to agree that it was Impressive!  I felt that I was in New York City  on Broadway … not in downtown Pensacola in the middle of the worst down-pour that the city had seen in over a hundred years.  Next up are some photos of the winning groups.  There were over two hundred of these groups, so I have chosen a few random of them to give you an idea of what went on that night …

IMG_8393  Firefighting  _ Good _ SFW

IMG_8404  Automotive Refinishing _Good_SFW

IMG_8450  Diesel Equipment Repair _Good_SFW

IMG_8500  TV_Video Production _Good_SFW

IMG_8502  Customer Service_Good_SFW

IMG_8519  Photo Winners Best _ SFW

The above  photography group is the one that I worked with.  The photos that these students produced and created was really incredible … I wish that there was a program like Skills USA back when I was in school back in the late 1960’s and 70’s.  And now my favorite photo of winners on the podium …


IMG_8538 Unknown _ SFW_ Best

This photo reminds me of that image of ex-president Nixon getting on the helicopter and flashing the ” V – sign ” for ” Victory ” when he had left office at the White House.  Like I mentioned earlier, there were over two hundred of the group winners that night and I just selected a few to post here.  Skills USA has a link that you to see what they do and I believe that you can access Florida Skills USA through this site.  You can reach them at Pensacola State College since they sponsor all of their functions / meetings.  If you have any questions, I can give you contact information if you contact me through my site.  I am not affiliated with them, I do know who can can get in touch if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank




An Afternoon At Pensacola Beach …

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IMG_3337  Boy in Water_ RTP _Cropped_2B_Liq _SFW

This post is just some miscellaneous images that I found on a disc that I had burned back in 2005.  It started off as a commentary / rant to other photographers about being careful when backing up their images on portable hard drives, but I am still thinking about how to write it.  So, I just decided to post these images that I found on a CD that I burned back in August of 2005.  They are not great images by any means, but they show what you can create out of just some average images.  The one above is just a kid standing in the water with a life jacket on.  The texture of the water and the sand make this image interesting … obviously the life jacket on the young boy makes his shape look odd, but it is what it is. However, I did try to smooth out the lines with the liquify tool in Photoshop and I think that the life-preserver does not look as bulky as before.  The next one is of an oriental lady sitting on a bench at the Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier …

China Woman_ Lucis_4x6 _ SFW

Running this image through the Lucis Art Filter really brings out the texture of the wooden bench, the pattern in her blouse, the texture of her straw hat and the water in the background.  Below is the original image, sort of, that I made …

IMG_3311 Lady Fishing 1 _ SFW

As you can see it is nothing special, but with some cropping and some adjustments, you can turn an average looking image into something that is more visually interesting and appealing.  Below is one more of people on the beach.  Nothing great either, but the late afternoon sun is what really creates the photo …

IMG_3317  People at Beach _ RTP_SFW

Here is another view of the beach of the beach at sunset.  This last image is one of a little girl at the water’s edge shot from above.  I altered the colors to give the sand a blue tint, just to make the image more interesting …

IMG_3352 Blue Kid on Beach _ Lucis_RTP_4x5 _SFW

I have a few more posts almost ready to go from events that I shot a month or two ago, so please check back and please let me hear from you.  When I have time to sit and write, I will tell you about the problem that I have with my back-up hard drives.  It has been extremely frustrating because I have eight or nine years worth of images backed-up on these hard-drives.  Stay safe and please check back … Frank


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July 11, 2014 at 3:21 pm

Mother and Child on the Beach …

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Mother and Son in Air with Rainbow _20 Dec 13  SFW

I cannot remember if I have posted this earlier, but I thought that it has always been pretty.  This is a good example of what I like in portraits.  You do not need to put up 40 or 50 goofy images … I am a firm believer in one photo saying it all.  But so many of the photographers today just want to go and ” hang-out” and “walk-around” and ” take a whole bunch of photos” … then they go and call it a “sessy” … I still have not figured out what that is yet.  That is how this business has changed so much these days … Thanks for looking and let me hear your comments … Frank

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December 26, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Pensacola CHS Crusader Knight …

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IMG_9372 Jacob on Beach 2_Retouch 2   _SFW

Here are several photographs that I made for the Pensacola Catholic High School Charisma 2013 yearbook.  It was a terrible looking afternoon in November when I made these photographs … I was surprised that it did not rain while we were out on Pensacola Beach.  Below is an image made at the Cross on Pensacola Beach.  The Cross Statue commemorates the site of the first church service in the New World.  Most people forget that the Spanish established the first settlement in Pensacola, I am not sure how many years before St. Augustine.  But, bad weather and a host of other problems caused the Spanish to abandon their settlement here, making St. Augustine the first permanent settlement in the Americas.  Here are several more images …

IMG_9288 Kneeling 3_Lucis_RTP 2 _ SFW

IMG_9380 Jacob ob Beach Best _Border_SFW

IMG_9378  Minor Adjustments and Retouching_B and D Done_10  July 13  Border 2_5x4 _SFW

I have several more variations of these photos and when I get them worked up, I will post them.  I take so many images for the yearbook and they only use a few of them, I thought that I would start sharing some of the “out-takes” with you.  Thanks again for looking and as usual, all comments are welcomed and appreciated … Frank

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July 15, 2013 at 1:05 pm

Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach Florida …

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Here are some photos that I made last week-end out at Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach.  We took Lukas out to the beach and then decided to take him out to see the fort.  The first several are of him and then the rest are of the fort …

9209 Lukas 2_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9212 Lukas 1 _ RTP_1_21_13_SFW

The second photo is not all that good, and he is hard to get him to stand still for too long, so I have to grab what I can.  I will show some more of him on my next post … an oyster bake that we had out at our house.  Now back to Fort Pickens … the first is a straight out of camera shot and the next one will be the same image that was run through a Lucis Photoshop filter …

IMG_9231 Fort With Canon_Straight_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9232 Fort with Canon_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_RTP_1_21_13 No Border_SFW

Is that interesting or what?  All that I did was run the image through one of the filters in the Lucis program and then adjust the sliders to get the look that I wanted and then check the run button and then what you see comes out.  Here are a few more the exterior and interior views of the fort …

IMG_9198 Top of Fort 1_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9176 Fort Window_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9183 Fort 1_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9179 Fort 2 _ Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9167 Arches_Adj Lucis Sharp_4x6_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9169  Fort 4_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9195 Canon_RTP 2_1_21_13_SFW

And finally, this sunset from on top of the fort …

IMG_9253 Sunset at Fort_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

It does not look as look like your normal “beach” sunset, to me anyway, if there is such a thing as a normal beach sunset.  If anyone has any comments or questions about any of these photos, please let me hear from you.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

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January 27, 2013 at 11:05 am

Space Station … Pensacola Beach ?

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This is a view of the 360 Observation Wheel out on Pensacola Beach, even though it looks as if it could be part of the Space Lab somewhere above earth or where ever.   Here are a couple more …

If you are out on the beach and have nothing to do, it is worth the $15 for several spins on the wheel.  Pam even enjoyed it and she is not one much for heights.  Thanks for looking and ” Beam me up, Scotty ” … Frank

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September 18, 2012 at 4:48 pm