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Valentino _ RIP …

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Today is Rudolph Valentino’s birthday.  My father had made a photo of his crypt at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and I had posted it on his blog a while back.  It received a lot of hits and a few comments, so I decided to post it here …

Valentino_RTP 1A_4_4_12 _ SFW

The one above is the one that my father had taken on a trip to Los Angeles back in the 1950’s to visit his sister. Below is a color image that I found of Wikipedia …

ValentinoCrypt _ SFW

Here is a link to his Wikipedia site. 

The guy led an interesting life and his Wikipedia site is an interesting read … I might have to find a biography of his to read.  There is a rumor that a woman dressed in black would show up at his crypt on his birthday and leave a single red rose.  She was never identified and to this day still remains a mystery.  Thanks again for looking and if you have happened to have visited his crypt out at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, please  let us hear from you … Frank