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A Few More from California …

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IMG_0287 Beverly Hills Palms_RTP_8 Feb 16 _SFW

I am going to show a few more from our trip out to Southern California at Christmas.  Above is a view of one of the streets in Beverly Hills.  This is a fairly average view and for all that you have heard about this area, it could be just any other neighborhood except every house that you see starts at over a million dollars.  And we did not see very many For Sale signs driving down the few streets that we drove down.  Next up are just a few more photos of palm trees … I know, if you have seen one palm tree photo, you have seen them all, but I am hoping to bring you a few more that you do not normally see without getting too abstract or weird.  Here we go …


IMG_0424 Palm Trees 2 _ 5x5_23 Jan 16_ SFW

IMG_0543  Circle of Palms_RTP_8 Feb 16 _ SFW

Same image, just presented two different ways.  The two palm trees were in the middle of the road outside of our hotel in Oceanside.  The photo was taken at sunset one afternoon and I was walking to a restaurant across the parking lot from the hotel.  I just took the image with my iPhone and then worked it up in Photoshop.  The bottom image was created in an app called Circular once I sent the corrected image back to my phone so I could post it on Instagram.  Talking of the app Circular, here is one more image taken on the flight back to Atlanta …


IMG_0539  Delta Wing_5x5_6 Feb 16_SFW

A little different view of the Delta wing outside of your window.  The next is just a building in downtown San Diego …


IMG_0426  San Diego_8 Feb 16_4x6_RTP_SFW

The only thing that I thought that was interesting is the sun’s reflection in the tower’s glass.  I have a lot more that I will most in the near future and I will put up some portraits, also.  Since I mentioned Instagram, here is a link to my Instagram account.  I have been posting a lot there, so that is the reason that I have not been posting much here or on the other blog where I post my father’s photography.  The main reason I like Instagram is that it is like a mini-photography portfolio.  People can go to my account on Instagram and see all of the types of photography that I do in one place.  I do not have a link to this blog, but I have a link to my father’s blog in the heading so if they are interested that can go check it out.  Sometime in the near future, I want to start offering these images as wall decor, but I have not promoted this site or the other site much in the past several years and plan on changing that soon.  I also am going to find a gallery to join somewhere to be able to have a space to hang some examples.  That is about it for now … please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you might have.  Also, go check on my Instagram link and let me know what you think.  I am going to leave you with the Hollywood sign … Thanks for looking … Frank

Hollywood Sign  1B _ RTP_BG Blur_ SFW

The View from the Hilton on Pensacola Beach …

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This is a panorama taken on my iPhone from the fourth floor at the Hilton on Pensacola Beach this past Friday September 25, 2015.  I could not get over how many chairs and umbrellas were set out on the beach with hardly anyone there.  Maybe they knew something that I didn’t, but I am surprised at how deserted the beach is this time of year.  I realize that school is back in session, but with the rates going down after Labor Day, you would think that the beach could draw more of a crowd.  And I know that it is not for lack of trying with all of the money spent on ads by the different hotels, restaurants, chambers of commerce, etc, etc.  Well, it was nice while it lasted because the weather is going to be bad starting Monday.  I have not lost interest in my two blogs over the last several months … I have been posting to my Instagram account and have come across a lot of people that I would not have reached on my blogs.  I am busy with some other things and do not have much ready to post.  In the next few weeks I will have some new stuff to post that I hope will be of interest.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Pensacola Beach …

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IMG_0983 P Beach Pano _ 17 Aug 14 _8x2 _SFW

The above is a panorama I made earlier today ( 17 Aug 14 ) out on the fishing pier at Pensacola Beach.  Gorgeous day.  Hot and bright.  Made with my iPhone looking east about midway on the pier.  It is hard for me to get over how sharp these images made with an iPhone.  I have two more images that I am going to share with you.  The first is just a view again from the pier looking west with the Margaritaville Hotel in the frame with a few surfers in the foreground and then one of the ” Beach Ball ” water tower.

IMG_1008  Margaritaville _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_1014  Water Tower _ SFW

I should have framed the Beach Ball differently, but you still get the idea.  We could not get over how thin the crowds at the beach was for this time of year.  With still two weeks left in August before Labor Day, you would have thought that it would have been hard to find a parking space in the Casino Beach parking lot, but it was not half-full.  There were spaces as soon as you turned in … I guess everyone still must have been over at the Flora-Bama leftover and hungover from the Kenny Chesney Concert yesterday.  The water was nice, but there was a lot of seaweed.  Thanks for looking and I still have a few posts ready to go that I will post shortly.  Don’t forget to check over at my other blog … there is a link on the right-hand side of this blog that will take you to it.  I finally linked this blog and the other blog to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in hopes of getting some more exposure and it seems to be working.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let me hear them.  Thanks again … Frank

Navarre Beach Florida …

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Destination Pole _ RTP_4x6 _SFW

We have been staying at Navarre Beach in a condo these past few days that Jenna has rented on the Gulf.  It is a quad-plex right on the Gulf … park your car at your front door and walk up the stairs.  When you stay at the condos that you will see later, you park your car in a huge parking lot, carry your things to the elevator and wait for it to get to you to take you to your floor.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the condos are very nice and all have a gorgeous pool area for you to relax by, but you still have to walk a long way and carry your stuff before you get to your unit.  Enough about that … I do not know what these ” destination ”  poles are called, if someone knows, please tell me.  This one is almost directly across from the unit that we were staying in and I thought that it looked interesting.  I did not bother taking a camera, so all of these images were made with my old iPhone and were worked up in one of the many apps that I bought when I first got the phone several years ago.  Needless to say, I use only 3 or 4 of the twenty or so that I purchased.  The next is a view of of the back porch over looking the Gulf …

IMG_0847 Table with Shells_RTP_SFW

I ran it through a HDR app that I seldom use to see what it would look like and did not bother to save the original images used to create this image.  Not bad, but too over saturated for my taste, but at least you get an idea of the view.  This area does not have all of the spring breakers that Panama City and Ft. Walton Beach get because there is not much for the college students to do … Navarre Beach  has only one beach bar – Juana’s  Pagoda – and it is on the Sound and not on the Gulf.  The place is also a restaurant and serves good food.  The next two images are panoramas that I took while I was standing on the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier.  The first is from the end looking back toward the beach …

panorama-2_Fishing Pier _ Cropped _ SFW

The next shows the beach looking to the east …

panorama from fishing pier 1_SFW

The last is just a shot of the condos next to the pier …

IMG_0840  Condos at Navarre _ RTP_6x4 _SFW

The long one is the Navarre Beach Regency and it is gorgeous.  It is a condo, but there is a realty agency there on the premises that rents out the owner’s units for them.   The name of the realty is the Island View Realty.  If you have any questions, please call and ask for information on all of their rentals at Navarre Beach.  That is all I have for now … thanks for letting me indulge my iPhone photography skills or lack there of, I guess it depends on how you look at it.  If you have any questions or comments, please ask and I will be happy to share what I know about the Florida Panhandle … Frank

Tupelo Mississippi … Home of Elvis … the Real ” King ” …

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OK … another iPhone photograph. Flew out to Nebraska last week and the only photos I made were in Tupelo Mississippi. At the home / birthplace of Elvis – The King … the real king, not LeBron James of the Heat “King”. You can almost see Elvis, Gladys and Vernon sitting out front in that porch swing. Just thinking about it gets me ” All Shook-Up ” … could not resist throwing that one in. The next image of the church that Elvis attended was with my Canon 40D …

This is supposed to the the first church that Elvis ever attended in Tupelo Mississippi. You could go inside the church ( I did not ), but you could not go inside the house … you were allowed to sit in the swing, however ( I did not ). This place – “Hallowed Ground” to all you Elvis worshipers -is located just several blocks off the interstate and a new museum is in the process of being built to house more Elvis “stuff” … if you can believe that there is more “stuff” that has not been seen yet. Below is the emblem on a 1939 Plymouth that took the Presley family to Memphis … made again with the iPhone camera:

Look how sharp this image is … no close-up filter used ( I did buy one, but like the iPhone tripod, I have not used it yet ), just hand-held close to the emblem and the cropped in Photoshop. These are basically all of the photos that I took on the trip back from Nebraska … there are a few of some Model-A cars that I made in Hardy Arkansas, but I do not know if I will bother with any of them. Thanks for looking … let me hear what you think about anything … here or any place else!

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June 11, 2012 at 11:50 am

More iPhone Panoramas …

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OK … I admit it … I think using the iPhone as a camera is incredible.  The app, Auto Stitch, is even more incredible.  Once you figure out how much to overlap your images ( about 20% ) and how many images  (3 or 4 for me ) to take to have the program stitch together … then you are really cooking … with gas!  First, let me make this perfectly clear, there is a lot of trial and error using this app / technique.  Next, it is not as good as combining the images in Photoshop for clarity and sharpness.  But, when all the stars align and your images are sharp ( no movement or shake ), your choice of content for your panorama is interesting ( still subjects obviously are better than ones with people, cars, etc ), you can create images, that I think, are more interesting to view than just an image made with a 20 mm lens … and a lot more fun and satisfying to create.  Now, on to the photos –

This one was made down at Plaza De Luna back in February or March showing the Port of Pensacola.  Notice the three -masted schooner on the left side of the image …  then the Global 12oo behind it.  This photo is sharp through-out the whole image and it was photographed hand-held, as all of these panoramas are.  I purchased a small tripod for the iPhone, but have never used it yet.  Next are several made at SeaSide, several weeks back …

This last one is straight from the iPhone, the two previous views of SeaSide were downloaded and then worked-up in Photoshop, then resized for the web.  The last photo contains maybe 6 or 7 photos, while the first two were 3 or 4 photos.  I have never printed any of these panos yet, so I do not know the quality of enlargements, but for a keepsake to remember places you visited on vacation or trips with the family … this for me is the way to go.  Thanks for looking and if anyone has any questions, I am more than happy to share anything with you.  Don’t forget that you can click on any image for a larger ( somewhat ) view and it is also blacked out around the frame for more emphasis.

DISCLAIMER – I am not affiliated with ” Auto Stitch ” and the above comments are my own.  I do not know the legalise    that goes along with a disclaimer, but whatever it is … insert here:   ______________________________________ .

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June 11, 2012 at 11:01 am

IPhone Photos From My Pasture …

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I made this several days ago with my IPhone.  This is an area out in one of my pastures that I set up some time ago to use as a background for photos and I have yet to use it.  I try to keep the grass cut around it in case I can ever find someone to model for me out here.  The only thing missing is a bale of hay … I been wanting to make a field of flowers somewhere in one of the pastures to photograph some small children in.  I always thought the photos of kids running through the flowers was pretty.  One more close-up of the wheel and the fence …

I cannot get over the quality of the images that you can get from the IPhone.  The top images was processed in an app that you can get for the IPhone, along with the border / frame that is around the image.  The bottom image was one that I worked up in Photoshop, once I downloaded the files to my desktop from my IPhone.  If any cowgirl or cowboy wants to get cleaned up and ride over to Garcon Point and have their photograph made, let me hear from you.  Thanks for looking and if you have any questions or comments, please post them here.

Written by Frank Hardy

May 16, 2012 at 9:08 am