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New Series on Wild Flowers …

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Flowers 2 B _ Best _ 4x6 _6 July 15_ SFW

This is a new series on wild flowers that I started several months back.  These photos were taken in back of our house on Garcon Point back in July.  I am not a huge photographer of flowers, mainly because you cannot talk to them, but they are pretty and everyone seems to enjoy looking at them.  All of these were shot with a 200mm lens at 2.8 for shallow depth of field.  And of course they were all worked up in Photoshop.  Here is another …


IMG_5161  Wild Flowers _ RTP _ 10 July 15 _6x4 _ SFW


I might have over saturated them a bit too much but the colors really pop out.  Here is one more …


IMG_5282  Flowers_ 5x5_24 Aug 15 _ SFW

I have had a lot going on the last month and I have ignored the two blogs, but I am going to renew my subscription with WordPress next month.  So I will keep these going for another year.  What I have been posting to is my Instagram account.  You can find me at: frankphardy .  I will try to come back to this post and add a link, but most of the images that I have posted are ones that I have redone to fit the Instagram format and changed them up slightly.  It has been a great way to show my images in a portfolio style … none of the photos are instant showing what I eat, where I am, etc, etc.  To me the lamest excuse to post anything is to show what you are eating or drinking, but that is just me.  And one more lame photo, your feet in the frame … so many love including their shoes, I guess they want everyone that at least they are intelligent not to leave the house barefoot!  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

PS – To all you food, drink and feet photographers, I was not trying to insult or criticize your subject matter. ( This is where I would insert a smiley face emoji if I had or used them )

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