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Some More of Ronald Reagan at Pensacola Regional Airport …

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Reagan at Plane 1_OK_28 Aug 15_SFW

This one looks like he is just arriving and getting ready to walk down toward the platform where, but he has already spoken and is getting ready to enter the plane and leave.  However, we won’t tell anyone.  I very seldom show full frame images, since a lot times I have the wrong lens and cannot frame the image the way that I would like to have it composed.  I do not have an issue with going back and cropping the image to cut out all of the worthless parts that really do nothing to improve the image.  Here are a few more images that have not been shown or published prior to today …

Reagan with Free Our Dip_7x5_RTP_28 Aug 15_SFW

Reagan is in the center of the bottom of the frame … how about those signs, especially the one that reads ” Free Our Diplomats “, what is that all about?  Oh, I guess you must have forgotten about the Iranians taking our diplomats hostage at the US Embassy in Tehran and holding them hostage for over 444 days. Yes, little Johnny, that is well over a year that our citizens were held hostage in Iran.  You are right again, little Johnny, our current politicians ( I am not mentioning any names here ) sure must have forgotten that episode as they negotiate with the current regime in Iran and will allow them to have nuclear materials.  And yes, little Johnny, Iran can then go and build their own nuclear bombs and yes, we are also going to give the Iranians 100 billion dollars to further their cause.  No, little Johnny, they promised that they they would not use the nuclear materials to build bombs … just like Germany signed a treaty ( The Nonaggression Pact of 1939 )  with England before World War II and Germany promised not bomb England and Russia.  And well, Germany lied to England and Russia and invaded Poland in 1939.  Yes, little Johnny, Hitler lied and broke the agreement, but we know that the Ayatollah would not do that besides our Secretary of State believes him.  No little Johnny, we do not need the 100 billion dollars that we are going to give Iran, we have enough money to help our veterans and the less fortunate and all of the illegals that come to the United States … we have enough money for everyone.  No little Johnny, there is not enough for you to go to college for free, but as smart as you are, I do not think that you need any more of an education.  I wish our leaders were as smart as little Johnny.  Enough of that … one more of Reagan –

Waving Goodbye 2 _ OK 2 _28 Aug 15 _ 5x5 _ S F I

I have more of Reagan that I have to work-up before I post and I still will post some of him speaking.  If anyone was here at the airport that day, I would like to here about your experiences.  I did not know anything about it until WCOA mentioned it around 8:00 am that morning.  It was nothing like they do now days.  Thanks for looking and please check back …Frank

PS – Please go and check me out on Instagram … FrankPHardy.  From some reason it would not allow me to use FrankHardyPhoto or FrankHardyPhotography, so I had to use my middle initial.  I have come in contact with a lot of people that I would not have from my blogs and I do not really like Facebook all of that much.  I get tired of all of the sayings and the photos of what people are eating and drinking.  Thanks again …

New Series on Wild Flowers …

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Flowers 2 B _ Best _ 4x6 _6 July 15_ SFW

This is a new series on wild flowers that I started several months back.  These photos were taken in back of our house on Garcon Point back in July.  I am not a huge photographer of flowers, mainly because you cannot talk to them, but they are pretty and everyone seems to enjoy looking at them.  All of these were shot with a 200mm lens at 2.8 for shallow depth of field.  And of course they were all worked up in Photoshop.  Here is another …


IMG_5161  Wild Flowers _ RTP _ 10 July 15 _6x4 _ SFW


I might have over saturated them a bit too much but the colors really pop out.  Here is one more …


IMG_5282  Flowers_ 5x5_24 Aug 15 _ SFW

I have had a lot going on the last month and I have ignored the two blogs, but I am going to renew my subscription with WordPress next month.  So I will keep these going for another year.  What I have been posting to is my Instagram account.  You can find me at: frankphardy .  I will try to come back to this post and add a link, but most of the images that I have posted are ones that I have redone to fit the Instagram format and changed them up slightly.  It has been a great way to show my images in a portfolio style … none of the photos are instant showing what I eat, where I am, etc, etc.  To me the lamest excuse to post anything is to show what you are eating or drinking, but that is just me.  And one more lame photo, your feet in the frame … so many love including their shoes, I guess they want everyone that at least they are intelligent not to leave the house barefoot!  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

PS – To all you food, drink and feet photographers, I was not trying to insult or criticize your subject matter. ( This is where I would insert a smiley face emoji if I had or used them )