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A Few More Random Ones …

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When I say random, I mean random.  The only real thing that they have in common is that I have taken them over the last eleven or twelve years.  I have been going through some old CD’s that I burned and have selected a few.  Let me know what you think …


IMG_0408  Green Cross _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_0488  Red Door Ireland _ RTP _ 1 May 15 _ SFW

IMG_2968  Mexican Wall _ RTP _ 1 May 15_SFW

IMG_8565  DAR _ 1 May 15 _ RTP_Lucis _ SFW

IMG_9336 Davenport Hotel Ireland _ RTP _ 1 May 15 _ SFW

Like I said earlier, the only thing that these images have in common is that I made them.  It is a shame that the image on the computer screen does not show how pretty and colorful the actual images are when printed.  I have been busy with other things lately and have neglected my blogs in the last few weeks.  Luckily, I have lots of images worked up … it is just sitting down and posting them.  I know I should add more comments, but the sad truth is that I do not have an interesting commentary to go along with the photographs.  Thanks for looking and I will be back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

May 1, 2015 at 1:05 pm

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