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Pensacola CHS 2015 Graduation …

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Here are a few random candid photos that I made this past Saturday at Olive Baptist Church where Pensacola Catholic High School has held it’s graduation for the past years.   These are just a few that of the ones that I made and I will also put up some from the Baccalaureate that was held at St’ Paul’s Catholic Church the night before later.  I am not going to post any comments, since most people viewing these were probably there at the graduation.  Here we go …


IMG_2157  Girls Candid 1 _ SFW

IMG_2161  Guys 1 _ SFW

IMG_2164  Chastain and Burke _ SFW

IMG_4803  Marcille and Endacot _ SFW

IMG_6954  Seniors Entering  1  _ SFW

IMG_2195  Gallman Award _ F _ SFW

IMG_2363  Throwing Caps _ SFW

These are just a fraction of the ones that I made and I will try to put up a few more later.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Lone Tree …

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Tree  3  _ RTP_Best _ 22  May 15  _ SFW


In my spare time I have been scanning some of the thousands of negatives that I have shot through the years.  Shot with a Hasselblad on b&w film outside of Havana Florida maybe 13 or 14 years ago.  Nothing really special, but at the time I thought that it looked interesting.  More to come and thanks for looking … Frank

Ronald Reagan Aboard Leadership 80 …

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Reagan at Plane_Image Printed_11_WIP 3_7 May 15 copy_ SFW

In September 1980, Ronald Reagan made a stop at the Pensacola Regional Airport aboard Leadership 80.   I have posted a few images earlier of Reagan speaking at the podium speaking, but I had not posted any of boarding the plane to leave.  The reason was that I could not find the negatives.  Until yesterday.  I ran across them looking for some other negatives that I had misplaced.  It is only about 25 more negatives and they are nothing earth shattering … no Pulitzer Prize winners.  However, he still became President of the United States and he was in Pensacola, so that has to amount for something.  Right?  I cleaned these two negatives up and posted them as a teaser.  I know that there are a lot of people who loved him and these show him in a good mood and  to me, very favorable.  It is going to take me a while to get them all cleaned-up and ready to post.  Here is one more of the crowd around the plane …


Crowd at Reagan Plan 1 _ RTP 2_ 7 May 15  _ SFW

I have enough images to get several posts out of all of the negatives and I hope to hear from some people that were there.  Not very many comments were received from the other post, so I am hoping that these will get a better response.  I am also going to post something on my other site and maybe that might get some more responses.  I do not believe that I did that with the other post.  It is going be a little before I get around to getting them ready to post, so please be patient.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Twelfth Avenue Fire …

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Studio Fire 18  _ RTP _SFW

Over at the blog that I have about my father’s photography, I posted about the fire on 12th Avenue that destroyed the block that his studio was in back in 1975.  There are somewhere between 15 and 20 photos that I have collected  about the fire.  I very seldom have a post that links over to his site because I try to keep his work and mine separated.  I have a link to his site on the side bar, but a lot of people that go to either site do not relate the two.  If anyone happened to be there when 12th Avenue burned and wants to comment, please go right ahead … I am interested in all comments.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Seven Nights in Ireland …

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IMG_0066  Sailboat Sighn Ireland _ RTP _1 May15 _ SFW

Here are a few more from years back.  I have four hard drives that I cannot get to turn on, so I have been going through discs that I burned and stored.  Lucky for me that I did that … I have not burned any discs lately I am ashamed to say.  Yes, I know, I have gotten lazy with my computer ” house-work ” and I need to get back in the habit.  A few more that I ran across and cleaned up …

IMG_0275  Bench 2 _ SFW

IMG_0324  Window _ RTP_1 May 15 _ SFW

IMG_0327  Irish Table_SFW_1 May 15

The top image was a pub front in Cork and the bottom three are from a bed / breakfast in Galway on Lower Salthill Road called the Saint James.  Thanks for looking and if anyone has any questions or comments, please let me hear them. Please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

May 1, 2015 at 5:45 pm

A Few More Random Ones …

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When I say random, I mean random.  The only real thing that they have in common is that I have taken them over the last eleven or twelve years.  I have been going through some old CD’s that I burned and have selected a few.  Let me know what you think …


IMG_0408  Green Cross _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_0488  Red Door Ireland _ RTP _ 1 May 15 _ SFW

IMG_2968  Mexican Wall _ RTP _ 1 May 15_SFW

IMG_8565  DAR _ 1 May 15 _ RTP_Lucis _ SFW

IMG_9336 Davenport Hotel Ireland _ RTP _ 1 May 15 _ SFW

Like I said earlier, the only thing that these images have in common is that I made them.  It is a shame that the image on the computer screen does not show how pretty and colorful the actual images are when printed.  I have been busy with other things lately and have neglected my blogs in the last few weeks.  Luckily, I have lots of images worked up … it is just sitting down and posting them.  I know I should add more comments, but the sad truth is that I do not have an interesting commentary to go along with the photographs.  Thanks for looking and I will be back … Frank

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May 1, 2015 at 1:05 pm

Seniors …

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Here are several seniors from earlier this year …

IMG_8910   Bosarge By Wall _ RTP_1 May 15 _ SFW

IMG_8945  Emily By Tree_5x7_RTP_SFW_1 May 15

IMG_0357  By Wall _ 2 _ Ret_SFW

Three Gabbys _ RTP _ 1 May 15_ SFW

There were so many cute photos of the last senior that I just did a quick job of combining three.   Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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May 1, 2015 at 12:23 pm