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The Little Photographer …

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IMG_1167  The Photographer 2 _ RTP _ SFW

This is our granddaughter, Payton, who lives in Atlanta and she received a camera for Christmas from her Uncle Lee.  She took it with her on our trip to Charleston and I made a series of photographs of her using her new camera.  She started looking at everything in a different way and things that would have not gotten her attention, suddenly became interesting.  And at four, a lot of what we adults take for granted since we have seen all of these things for decades, now become a new discovery for her … like these fire sprinkler hook-ups ( just my term, since I do not know what the firemen technically call these …  ) .  Now, I am going to start my series of photographs of Payton that I have simply titled … The Little Photographer …

IMG_1189  Getting Ready _ RTP _ SFW

The little photographer is now on Market Street in downtown Charleston South Carolina when she spots a willing subject that gets her attention.  However, before she put the camera up to her eye and takes the portrait, she decides that she needs to study her subject a little more closely …


IMG_1190  Photographer Studying Her Subject _ RTP_SFW

Luckily for Payton, her subject is very patient and let’s her get close, so she can capture the most flattering angle to insure an award – winning portrait.  OK, she thinks that she has the best angle to flatter her subject …


IMG_1188  Composing The Shot _ RTP _ SFW

Now comes the easy part … pressing the shutter.  Luckily for you viewers I was able to get her father to forward the finished image to me, because I felt that it would not be fair to the readers to leave them without the pleasure of viewing Payton’s portrait of ” Chester the Horse “.  So without further ado,  here’s Chester …


Horse _ 8x8 _ RTP _ SFW

Doesn’t this just want to make you  give Chester a big ole nose rub or pat?  Excellent portrait, Payton!  Who knows where this image might take you … international acclaim, photo-journalism, commercial photography, most definitely animal / portrait photography!  Well, that is my little bit of fun for New Years Day.  I hope you enjoyed my little series ” The Little Photographer ” … Please check back and let me hear your comments … I will forward all photography / modeling assignments to her mother in Atlanta and to Chester at the Charleston Carriage Company, but I think Chester will most likely decide to keep his day job.  Thanks for looking and Happy New Year … Frank

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  1. Fun, Frank. Thanks. We have known your Adams counterparts since the late 70’s. Our son Brett and Lee are buds since those days.



    January 30, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    • Thanks Roger … Lee had given the camera to Payton for Christmas. She was really fascinated with taking photos on our trip to Charleston with them after Christmas. Payton is really a pistol and talks to everyone and anyone that will listen. Thanks for looking and commenting … I am always interested who looks at my blogs. Please check back … Frank


      Frank Hardy

      January 31, 2015 at 12:25 pm

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