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Several More From St. Anne’s Catholic Church In Bellview …

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Exterior  7_ Best_RTP _ SFW

In my last post, I had an image of Main Street from St. Anne’s Round-Up set decorated in Christmas lights.  For years the parishioners from St. Anne’s decorated the Round-Up set, the Church and other areas with literally hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights.  It was a huge attraction at Christmas time and I have no idea how many thousands of people it attracted, but I am sure that it was in the tens of thousands, maybe even a hundred thousand … whatever, it was a large number.  It took literally hundreds of volunteers to set-up and take down all of the decorations and lights.  I found these images finally of the Church’s exterior and interior, so I cleaned them up and thought that I would post them for your holiday viewing enjoyment.  Here is the interior …


Interior  3 _ Good  Exp_10x10_RTP 2 _ SFW

Aren’t these magnificent?  By the way, these transparencies were made in the late 1980’s, I believe … not sure of the exact date, sorry.  The ceiling is so dark it took a lot of light to bring out the detail in the wood / rafters.  I sure am glad I am not an ” available – light ” photographer … I would have really been lost in a situation such as this.  Thanks for looking and please check back … I have several posts ready to go and plan on putting them up in the next few days … Frank

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