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Highway 17 … Savannah Highway Outside of Charleston and few in Charleston …

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IMG_1349  Road_Signs Removed_6 Jan 15 _Adj _RTP _SFW

These two images were made this past Sunday on Highway 17 on the way to I-95.  Highway 17 is also known as the Savannah Highway which runs around 110 miles connecting Charleston and Savannah.  You need to be careful and not speed, since it is just one long speed trap between counties and little towns.  The road above  runs next to this small church which is on Highway 17.  I have no idea where this road leads to, but the photo was taken around nine in the morning and did not look a thing like what I created.  The beauty of Photoshop.  The little chapel looked pretty much like the image shown … I did remove the road running along side of the building though.


IMG_1330  Church 2 _ BW _ RTP_ Blur _Brown_SFW

I have worked up a few more images that I thought that I would add to this post instead of creating a new one, so here they are …

IMG_1136  Old House _ 8x8 _ RTP_ Topaz  SFW

IMG_1315  Front Poarch _ Lucis _ SFW

IMG_1143  Rusted Truck 1 _ RTP  2_ SFW

And finally, one more of the church that I posted above …


IMG_1344  Church 1  B W  _ RTP _ Best_Blk Bdr _SFW

None of these are anything earth shattering, but I thought that they are something different than just Fort Sumter,  the suspension bridge at sunset, etc, etc than the usual Charleston photos that you see in all of the travel magazines.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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December 31, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Tuba City Arizona …

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IMG_2606 Clouds _ Tuba City AZ _ RTP_SFW

This was taken outside of Tuba City Arizona and it is more of an optical illusion more than anything else and besides I think that the clouds look interesting.  The hill was in the foreground, but the clouds were way off in the distance.  Using a telephoto lens that compresses the image and makes the clouds look as if they are hovering  a hundred feet or so above the hill.  All that is missing a group of Indians on horseback to complete the image …. I will see if I can come up with something to enhance this image in the future.  Anyone out there ever been to Tuba City Arizona?  That is what I thought … no one.  I believe it  is the start of some Indian Nation, but I do not know which one.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

December 16, 2014 at 9:32 am

Several More From St. Anne’s Catholic Church In Bellview …

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Exterior  7_ Best_RTP _ SFW

In my last post, I had an image of Main Street from St. Anne’s Round-Up set decorated in Christmas lights.  For years the parishioners from St. Anne’s decorated the Round-Up set, the Church and other areas with literally hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights.  It was a huge attraction at Christmas time and I have no idea how many thousands of people it attracted, but I am sure that it was in the tens of thousands, maybe even a hundred thousand … whatever, it was a large number.  It took literally hundreds of volunteers to set-up and take down all of the decorations and lights.  I found these images finally of the Church’s exterior and interior, so I cleaned them up and thought that I would post them for your holiday viewing enjoyment.  Here is the interior …


Interior  3 _ Good  Exp_10x10_RTP 2 _ SFW

Aren’t these magnificent?  By the way, these transparencies were made in the late 1980’s, I believe … not sure of the exact date, sorry.  The ceiling is so dark it took a lot of light to bring out the detail in the wood / rafters.  I sure am glad I am not an ” available – light ” photographer … I would have really been lost in a situation such as this.  Thanks for looking and please check back … I have several posts ready to go and plan on putting them up in the next few days … Frank