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Judge Roy Bean’s Cabin in Pecos, NM …

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IMG_2564  Judge Roy Bean _SOOC _ SFW

The above photo is one that I made ten years ago out in Pecos, New Mexico.  I filed it away and and ran across it the other day and thought that I would do something with it.  Mainly, I wanted to show that with a little imagination and a lot of Photoshop, you can take what I would call a ” below average ” photo and turn it into something that is a lot more interesting than just the straight image.  Now I am not saying that it is going to win any awards, but it does have an interesting look that gets your attention …


IMG_2564  Judge Roy Bean Home_Best _ 3 Nov 14 _Matte 3 _SFW

The main change that I did was to run it through ” Lucis Art Filter ” to come up with the overall look and then alter the color and saturation.  There are a few more adjustments that I did, and if anyone is is interested let me know.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

November 3, 2014 at 7:11 pm

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  1. hi i am from Pecos NM where about in Pecos was this picture taken?



    October 5, 2017 at 12:21 am

    • I hate to say this, but I cannot remember. We drove from Pensacola to Sedona Arizona on I-10. When we got to Fort Stockton we headed north to Carlsbad New Mexico. Pecos was somewhere on this road heading north and we detoured off the road to drive around downtown Pecos. We ran across this and I got out and took a photo, got back in the car and kept on driving. This was back in 2004 by the way. I want to say that it was on a Sunday and everything was closed. Wish I could be more help. Thanks for commenting ….


      Frank Hardy

      January 9, 2018 at 5:05 pm

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