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IMG_7350   Gate 1 _ RTP_20 Aug 14 _SFW

Pam and I took a trip up to Memphis back in 2005 … we have been all over middle and eastern Tennessee, but have never been west of Nashville.  So we made the trip up to Memphis in April of 2005.  I downloaded the images to a hard-drive that I cannot get to start and thought that all were lost.  However, I have hundreds of CD’s and luckily I had saved a group from the trip.  After going through them, I decided to work some up and post a series of them here.  Above is the gate at the drive-way and then I am going to move to the house.  As usual, I will try to leave out the running commentary and let the photos speak for themselves, but I might just include what room you are viewing at the time for the few that have not toured Graceland.  Here we go …


IMG_7346  Front of House  _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_7207 Living Room Graceland _ RTP _ SFW

The above is the living room when you enter the front door.  Now, all of these images are hand-held and available light … they do not allow flashes and tripods.  I guess they want you to spend fifteen dollars on a nice, glossy catalog ( that I did buy ) and besides, you have hundreds of people walking through the house with you.  These areas are roped off so that you cannot wander through the rooms and sit on the furniture.  Next is the Jungle Room that you have heard so much about …


IMG_7221 The Jungle Room _ RTP _ SFW

One side of the Jungle Room above and another side below … Note the green shag carpet …


IMG_7222  Jungle Room 2 _ RTP _ 6x4 _ SFW

One more of the Jungle Room …


IMG_7260  Jungle Room _ RTP_ 4x6 _ SFW

The next is the TV Room, which happens to be my favorite room in the whole house.  How about that ceramic monkey?  I wonder if there was a run on them when the world found out that Elvis had one in his TV room?  The next is the bar, which would be to the right of the monkey …


IMG_7234 Graceland TV Room _ RTP_Lucis _SFW


IMG_7223  Elvis Bar in TV Room _ RTP _6x4 _SFW

Now we have the Pool Room …IMG_7249  Graceland Poolroom 1 _ SFW

We are going to leave the house and go over to Vernon’s office at the barn …


IMG_7271  Office in Barn _ RTP_6x4 _ SFW

A couple of Elvis exhibits in what used to be the racquet-ball court.  There are hundreds of these in this building and I just want to include a couple …


IMG_7289  Hall of Gold _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_7291  Thats All Right _4x5_RTP _SFW

IMG_7286  First Gold 45_4x5 _ RTP _ SFW

And finally, the grave site ….


IMG_7332  Elvis Grave 1 _ RTP _ Lucis _ SFW

I still have a few more from Graceland that I might show in another post later.  I have another set of images from Sam Phillips’ Sun Record Studio that I made during this trip and I will throw them up in the near future.  There are some interesting views of the recording studio and offices to those of you interested in recording equipment.  Thanks for looking and if any of you have any interesting stories of Elvis or from Graceland, let us hear them.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank



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August 20, 2014 at 2:53 pm

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