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A Few More CHS Football Photos From 1977 …

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CHS Football  Team 2 _ 7x5_ RTP _ SFW

The other team photo that I posted earlier might have been the Junior Varsity team after looking at the guys in this photo.  The guys sitting in this photo sure do not look like 9th graders, especially numbers 44 and 75, or either they spent four or five years in the 6th grade.  I have another photo of the quarterback taking a snap from center that I have ready, but I have been busy with other things over the last two weeks and have not spent any time on the blogs.  I have a lot to scan that I think you will enjoy seeing, so please check back.  Here is the photo I mentioned earlier …


CHS Football 1 _ 5x5_RTP _ SFW

These guys look familiar and I am sure that someone out there will identify them and also the guys in the group.  One thing that I have done recently is tie my two blogs in with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.  I knew you could do it, but I never really took the time with any of them until the past several months.   I realized how many more people I could hopefully reach if I did.  There are a lot more people that I want to come in contact with and I hope these other areas will attract them … I have never bothered with Facebook and still do not have a Frank Hardy Photography Facebook page, but I think that I am going to break down and create one in the future.  If anyone out there has any suggestions and tips, I am all ears.  If you run across these posts on any of those platforms that would not have run across my blog sites, I am interested in hearing from you.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

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  1. Frank
    I want a copy
    Mark Whibbs


    Mark Whibbs

    July 28, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    • Mark … I will order one for you and drop it off at the dealership in a couple of weeks. Just out of curiosity, what number were you? Thanks … Frank


      Frank Hardy

      July 31, 2016 at 2:53 pm

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