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I Love You This Much ! …

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IMG_2107  Robot Man _ I Love You copy_SFW

What do you think?  I know that it is corny, but doesn’t it make you smile?  This is one of my grandson’s toys and I thought that I would do something with it.  Thanks for looking … I have some more images from Graceland, along with images from Sun Records and from Clarksdale Mississippi that I plan on posting soon.  Let me hear from you … Frank

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August 21, 2014 at 4:38 pm

Graceland …

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IMG_7350   Gate 1 _ RTP_20 Aug 14 _SFW

Pam and I took a trip up to Memphis back in 2005 … we have been all over middle and eastern Tennessee, but have never been west of Nashville.  So we made the trip up to Memphis in April of 2005.  I downloaded the images to a hard-drive that I cannot get to start and thought that all were lost.  However, I have hundreds of CD’s and luckily I had saved a group from the trip.  After going through them, I decided to work some up and post a series of them here.  Above is the gate at the drive-way and then I am going to move to the house.  As usual, I will try to leave out the running commentary and let the photos speak for themselves, but I might just include what room you are viewing at the time for the few that have not toured Graceland.  Here we go …


IMG_7346  Front of House  _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_7207 Living Room Graceland _ RTP _ SFW

The above is the living room when you enter the front door.  Now, all of these images are hand-held and available light … they do not allow flashes and tripods.  I guess they want you to spend fifteen dollars on a nice, glossy catalog ( that I did buy ) and besides, you have hundreds of people walking through the house with you.  These areas are roped off so that you cannot wander through the rooms and sit on the furniture.  Next is the Jungle Room that you have heard so much about …


IMG_7221 The Jungle Room _ RTP _ SFW

One side of the Jungle Room above and another side below … Note the green shag carpet …


IMG_7222  Jungle Room 2 _ RTP _ 6x4 _ SFW

One more of the Jungle Room …


IMG_7260  Jungle Room _ RTP_ 4x6 _ SFW

The next is the TV Room, which happens to be my favorite room in the whole house.  How about that ceramic monkey?  I wonder if there was a run on them when the world found out that Elvis had one in his TV room?  The next is the bar, which would be to the right of the monkey …


IMG_7234 Graceland TV Room _ RTP_Lucis _SFW


IMG_7223  Elvis Bar in TV Room _ RTP _6x4 _SFW

Now we have the Pool Room …IMG_7249  Graceland Poolroom 1 _ SFW

We are going to leave the house and go over to Vernon’s office at the barn …


IMG_7271  Office in Barn _ RTP_6x4 _ SFW

A couple of Elvis exhibits in what used to be the racquet-ball court.  There are hundreds of these in this building and I just want to include a couple …


IMG_7289  Hall of Gold _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_7291  Thats All Right _4x5_RTP _SFW

IMG_7286  First Gold 45_4x5 _ RTP _ SFW

And finally, the grave site ….


IMG_7332  Elvis Grave 1 _ RTP _ Lucis _ SFW

I still have a few more from Graceland that I might show in another post later.  I have another set of images from Sam Phillips’ Sun Record Studio that I made during this trip and I will throw them up in the near future.  There are some interesting views of the recording studio and offices to those of you interested in recording equipment.  Thanks for looking and if any of you have any interesting stories of Elvis or from Graceland, let us hear them.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank



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August 20, 2014 at 2:53 pm

Pensacola Beach …

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IMG_0983 P Beach Pano _ 17 Aug 14 _8x2 _SFW

The above is a panorama I made earlier today ( 17 Aug 14 ) out on the fishing pier at Pensacola Beach.  Gorgeous day.  Hot and bright.  Made with my iPhone looking east about midway on the pier.  It is hard for me to get over how sharp these images made with an iPhone.  I have two more images that I am going to share with you.  The first is just a view again from the pier looking west with the Margaritaville Hotel in the frame with a few surfers in the foreground and then one of the ” Beach Ball ” water tower.

IMG_1008  Margaritaville _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_1014  Water Tower _ SFW

I should have framed the Beach Ball differently, but you still get the idea.  We could not get over how thin the crowds at the beach was for this time of year.  With still two weeks left in August before Labor Day, you would have thought that it would have been hard to find a parking space in the Casino Beach parking lot, but it was not half-full.  There were spaces as soon as you turned in … I guess everyone still must have been over at the Flora-Bama leftover and hungover from the Kenny Chesney Concert yesterday.  The water was nice, but there was a lot of seaweed.  Thanks for looking and I still have a few posts ready to go that I will post shortly.  Don’t forget to check over at my other blog … there is a link on the right-hand side of this blog that will take you to it.  I finally linked this blog and the other blog to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in hopes of getting some more exposure and it seems to be working.  If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let me hear them.  Thanks again … Frank

Pensacola CHS Seniors 2015 …

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Two weeks ago, I spent the week over at CHS photographing the 2015 seniors.  I have never done this in the past, but this year I thought that I would take a few photos of the set-up and then show several finished images.  The ones with the camera were made with my iPhone and they are not that bad …mainly to give you an idea of the little studio that I have in one of the class rooms.  The girls I photograph in a drape and the guys wear a coat and tie for their yearbook photo.  The first girl is wearing the drape and the second girl is wearing a casual outfit.  I did this just to show something different and I just wanted to let people know that there are other options that I can do and besides,  the images with the iPhone were turning out better than I thought that they would.  So here we go ….

IMG_0963 Pelham  1 _ RTP_ 4x4 _ SFW

Next, is an image that has been retouched, cropped, color corrected, etc, etc …


IMG_1032  Pelham _ Ret _ SFW

Obviously, that is a different pose than what is showing on the back of the camera, but I think that you get the idea of what was being done.  Next, the iPhone was working better once one of the girls helping me showed me how to focus on one area and take the image with another button on the iPhone besides the button on the screen.  Thanks for that Jodee,  I never knew that it could be done with another button on the phone … I guess that just goes to show that you can always learn something new.  The next girl had on a cute outfit and this iPhone photography was working out better than I thought it would, so I got her to model for us so I could just show some variety.  Here we go …


IMG_0971  Shimeck Casual 1 _ RTP _ SFW

A little different cropping …


IMG_0971  Shimeck Casual 1 _ RTP _ 4x4 _SFW

Now, the first will be what I call ” out of camera ” and then the next will be one that I have retouched and corrected …


IMG_1423  Rachael 2_Crop Only _ SFW

Now retouched …


IMG_1423  Rachael 2_Ret_RTP _SFW

One more different pose and retouched …


IMG_1429 Rachael  Shimeck_ Casual Ret_RTP 4x6 _SFW

Thanks to the models … they were several of the seniors that helped me the week that I was over there at CHS and I did not think of trying to do this until later in the week that I was over at the school, so that is why I chose them.  There are still 35 or so seniors that did not have their photos made and I will be back over to CHS sometime in September and probably again in October.  No dates have been set and I do not set the dates, but when they give me a date or dates, I will let you know.  If you have any questions about what I do or can do, please do not hesitate to ask … I just assume that people know that I can do it all, but apparently so many people think that the drape shots are all that I do.  One the things that separates me from most of the other photographers out there now is my retouching that I do to my finished images.  There are so many photographers now that just shoot a lot of images and then burn a disc and then they make you feel like you are getting a great deal since they take so many ” available – light ” images … just take your disc to Walgreen’s or Sams or wherever  and have print them printed out regardless of how they look  Thanks and please check back … Frank

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August 13, 2014 at 3:55 pm

A Few More CHS Football Photos From 1977 …

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CHS Football  Team 2 _ 7x5_ RTP _ SFW

The other team photo that I posted earlier might have been the Junior Varsity team after looking at the guys in this photo.  The guys sitting in this photo sure do not look like 9th graders, especially numbers 44 and 75, or either they spent four or five years in the 6th grade.  I have another photo of the quarterback taking a snap from center that I have ready, but I have been busy with other things over the last two weeks and have not spent any time on the blogs.  I have a lot to scan that I think you will enjoy seeing, so please check back.  Here is the photo I mentioned earlier …


CHS Football 1 _ 5x5_RTP _ SFW

These guys look familiar and I am sure that someone out there will identify them and also the guys in the group.  One thing that I have done recently is tie my two blogs in with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.  I knew you could do it, but I never really took the time with any of them until the past several months.   I realized how many more people I could hopefully reach if I did.  There are a lot more people that I want to come in contact with and I hope these other areas will attract them … I have never bothered with Facebook and still do not have a Frank Hardy Photography Facebook page, but I think that I am going to break down and create one in the future.  If anyone out there has any suggestions and tips, I am all ears.  If you run across these posts on any of those platforms that would not have run across my blog sites, I am interested in hearing from you.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank

Florida Skills USA 2014 Conference in Pensacola …

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Back in April, I was asked to judge the Photography section at the Florida Skills USA Conference 2014 that was held at the Bay Centre and other areas in Pensacola. I had done this several years ago and enjoyed seeing all of the creative photography from the students from around the state. I have always been a believer in a vo-tech education for the main reason that when these students graduate they have the skills and ability to do a job. I was also hired to take photos at the Hospitality Party held before the awards banquet at the Bay Centre. The night that the awards ceremony was held happened to be the night that Pensacola had that torrential rain and ended up receiving something like twenty-four inches of rain in eight hours. But that is another story in itself and I won’t go into you with it here. I have a lot of photos to show and I am not going to bother identifying them. So here we go …


IMG_8294  Tyler and Joey at Front Desk _ SFW

Dancers and Speakers _ RTP _ SFW

Hospitality Groups 2 _ RTP  _ SFW

Candids _ H _ RTP  _ SFW

IMG_8339  Stage Set Up _ Lucis _ SFW

IMG_8347  Fisherman 1_ Lucis _ SFW


IMG_8348  More Stage Show _ SFW

IMG_8349  More Dancing Sea Animals _ SFW

IMG_8364  Stage Dancers  _ Lucis_ SFW

IMG_8363 Stage Dancers 2_ Black Light Only _ Lucis _SFW

IMG_8353  Dancing Sea Animals 1 _ SFW

Now, this is just the first ten minutes of the award’s show!  The theme was a Sponge Bob underwater / chorus line / Broadway musical type show.  Those are just my words … whatever phrase you used to describe the extravaganza is up to you.  Call it whatever you want, but you’d  have to agree that it was Impressive!  I felt that I was in New York City  on Broadway … not in downtown Pensacola in the middle of the worst down-pour that the city had seen in over a hundred years.  Next up are some photos of the winning groups.  There were over two hundred of these groups, so I have chosen a few random of them to give you an idea of what went on that night …

IMG_8393  Firefighting  _ Good _ SFW

IMG_8404  Automotive Refinishing _Good_SFW

IMG_8450  Diesel Equipment Repair _Good_SFW

IMG_8500  TV_Video Production _Good_SFW

IMG_8502  Customer Service_Good_SFW

IMG_8519  Photo Winners Best _ SFW

The above  photography group is the one that I worked with.  The photos that these students produced and created was really incredible … I wish that there was a program like Skills USA back when I was in school back in the late 1960’s and 70’s.  And now my favorite photo of winners on the podium …


IMG_8538 Unknown _ SFW_ Best

This photo reminds me of that image of ex-president Nixon getting on the helicopter and flashing the ” V – sign ” for ” Victory ” when he had left office at the White House.  Like I mentioned earlier, there were over two hundred of the group winners that night and I just selected a few to post here.  Skills USA has a link that you to see what they do and I believe that you can access Florida Skills USA through this site.  You can reach them at Pensacola State College since they sponsor all of their functions / meetings.  If you have any questions, I can give you contact information if you contact me through my site.  I am not affiliated with them, I do know who can can get in touch if you have any questions or comments.  Thanks again for looking and please check back … Frank




Pensacola Catholic High School Football Team 1977 …

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CHS Football 12   _7x5  RTP _ SFW

This is a b&w team photo that we made back in 1977 of the CHS football team.  I do not know who the players are … I might have to go and get a yearbook and look-up the names next time I am over at the school.  Since this is the 1977 team, that means that the seniors in the group would have graduated in 1978.  If anyone recognizes any of the players, please let us know.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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August 7, 2014 at 1:46 pm