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Stanley Marsh 3 … RIP

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Cadillac Ranch Upload _ SFW

Stanley Marsh 3 died this past week.  He was the man who created ” The Cadillac Ranch ” along I-40 outside of Amarillo Texas.  I made the above back in 2003 on a trip Pam and I took to Sedona  Arizona.  We had driven out on I-10 and I said that there was no way that I was going back the same way.  You would drive for miles and miles and miles and there would be absolutely nothing out your windows but flat land.  So when we left Sedona, we drove north to I-40 and headed east.  The view was a little better and there were some places along the way that we stopped … but those are for another time.  Pam spotted the Cadillacs and said that we just passed a row of cars buried nose down out in a field.  I turned around and went back.  It had rained and the field was muddy and the cars are buried several hundred yards from the service road.  She had no interest in walking out in the mud, so I grabbed my cameras and headed out.  I will have to find the original files and post them to give you an idea what I started with.  This is the first image that really showed me what you could create in Photoshop and how creative and powerful the program is.  Here  is a link to  Marsh’s obituary in the Amarillo  paper and the guy lead an interesting life.  His last few years were filled with controversy, but I guess that is another story, also.  Thanks for looking and I have some other posts ready to put up and I will over the next few days … Thanks for looking … Frank


Written by Frank Hardy

June 19, 2014 at 8:26 am

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