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Mardi Gras 1980 Something …

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Mardi Gras _ RTP _ 5_7_14   SFW

Not sure of the exact year that this image was taken at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  That is the reason that I titled this 1980 something … I would guess that it was late in the 1980’s though.  I first went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans back in 1972 and it was really wide open back in those days … pretty much anything was allowed.  You could buy glass bottles of any drink that you wanted and most of that was Boone’s Farm Wine – Apple mostly.  I always thought that it was the worst thing I ever tasted, but I bet they went through a million bottles of the juice that year.  In fact, I do not know if that even make the stuff any more.  I always look at these images and wonder who these people could be and whatever happened to them, not that I knew any of these people.  I was always surprised what people would do whenever that had a camera pointed at them.  I guess that they where not worried that their parole or probation officer would ever run across any of their antics in print.  Thanks for looking and if you feel like sharing any of your Mardi Gras experiences ( that is fit for family reading ), please be my guest.  Please check back … Frank

PS – NO, this is not Gene Simmons and the original KISS guys … Or at least I hope not!!!



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May 7, 2014 at 6:41 pm

Moon Rise in Atlanta …

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Just a pretty image and very little Photoshop done to this image.  I made this image maybe five or six years ago in downtown Atlanta somewhere near the High Museum on Peach Tree Street early one morning.  Thanks for looking and thanks for looking … Frank

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May 7, 2014 at 6:00 pm

Doggles …

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IMG_0785  Doggles 1 _ RTP_ Blur _ SFW

I took this years ago and had planned to post it, but just never got around to do it.  For one thing, the dog had a large silver chain around it’s neck and I did not feel like taking the time to remove and clean it up.  But I have gotten pretty fast at removing objects in Photoshop and thought that it would not be too much of a problem.  And it really was not.  I still can not understand why so many photographers that are digital in this day and age, just do not bother to learn Photoshop so that they can improve their images.  I can honestly say that two thirds of the images that you see on other photographers blogs here in Pensacola have no retouching what so ever done to them.  Now I am not talking major retouching … I am talking about some dodging and burning, a little cloning to remove stray hairs or objects coming out of the top of their subjects heads.  You get the idea.  I am embarrassed to say that I did not get this ” super-dog ” model’s name … it does not really matter though.  All I hope I got out of you is a little smile …

Thanks for looking and if you have any comment, please leave them and please check back … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

May 7, 2014 at 5:52 pm