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Some More North Carolina Images …

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These images were made back in 2008 and I had not done anything with them until just recently.  In fact, I had forgotten all about them and the folder was named incorrectly, so until I opened the folder they were in, I never would have discovered them.  I usually shoot JPEGs, but for some unknown reason, I had shot these as RAW files.  It was not easy to convert them to JPEGs with the prior version of Photoshop that I was using.  I upgraded several months to a newer version of Photoshop, but I am still not up to the current version ( 6, I believe ).  This version lets me open up a RAW file and the it converts it to a PSD file when I close the file after I work on the image.  The first two images are somewhat ” straight ” images … all I did was color adjustments, sharpening and contrast adjustments…

IMG_5958 Stream _Adj_2_3_14_SFW

IMG_5981  Blue Smoky Mountains   _ SFW_Logo

I could not get the Blue Smoky Mountain image any larger … I had posted one that was similar earlier.  It  was made at sunrise and had some pretty shades of yellow from the sun rising.  This one I believe was taken at sunset and I have only boosted the saturation.  This image was originally a TIFF image and I did not realize that WordPress will not allow you to post TIFF files, the files have to be JPEG’s or GIFF’s.

The rest of the images are ones that I Photoshopped, so I am going to post a before and after, so you can get an idea I what I do to images to clean them up before I post them or let them out  One is a barn with a ” See Rock City ” sign painted on it.  I have posted several barns with the Rock City slogan on them earlier … you used to see them all over the South back in the 1950’s to th 1970’s, but most of the barns have fallen down or into such a state  of disrepair  that they have been saved or rebuilt.  The other images are neon signs for motels in Cherokee, North Carolina.  When you drive across the Smoky Mountains from Gatlinburg Tennessee, you end up in Cherokee.  Cherokee today still looks like it was in the 1950’s … same motels, same restaurants, same tacky stores selling Indian moccasins and paraphernalia that you cannot live without.  And yes, I have purchased my share of souvenirs to keep them in business , too.  Here are the ” See Rock City ” images.  This first image I am proud of because I had to ” construct ” parts of the barn to replace where the sign was located and it took a great deal of time to figure out how to achieve the results I did.  You just cannot cut, paste and mask any section and it automatically matches.  The first image is as the scene looked …

IMG_5873  _ R C Barn 1_SFW

IMG_5875 Rock City _5x7 _RTP_2_5_14 _SFW

I have no idea why I did not just walk around to the front and crop out the sign, but for some unknown reason I did not.  It took me forever to take out the real estate sign …also,  the signage / writing on the side of the barn took me forever to create to match the rest of the letters.  I cannot even remember the name of this little town in North Carolina where I made this photo ( see update below ).  I will get out my map and try to locate the name.  The rest are motel signs that were interesting to me at the time …

IMG_5907 Cherokee Trader_SFW

IMG_5893  Warror Motel _5x7_RTP_2_5_14_SFW

IMG_5915  Pink Hotel _ RTP _ 5x7_SFW

This last one has a before and after.  These three were pretty straight forward and the only things that I took out were power lines, poles and some trash on the ground.  This next sign, ” The Teddy Bear Motel ” was a lot more work as you can see …

IMG_5902 Teddy Bear Motel_SFW

Teddy Bear Sign Flattened RTP _ SFW

I had posted the ” Teddy Bear ” sign before on an earlier post, but I thought that I would include it with the the other signs from Cherokee.  If you have any memories from any of these places and want to share them, I / we would love to hear them.  In fact any memories from the Smoky Mountains or from the Cherokee  side are welcomed … Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

UPDATE:  The town that the barn that had the ” See Rock City ” sign painted on the side was in Bryson City, North Carolina.  Like I said earlier, the photo was taken in February 2008.  I have not been back since, so I do not know if the barn is still there or not.  There was a drive-in across the road from the barn that we ate … I will do some more research and see if I can find out the name of the drive-in.  Thanks … Frank

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February 5, 2014 at 5:59 pm

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