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Stream  5  B  _ RTP _ 1_28_14 _ SFW

These are some images that I shot in the Smoky Mountains years ago on 4×5 black and white Kodak film.  Looking at the image above, it is just an average photograph of a pretty  mountain stream … until you look closer and realize that you can see the bottom of stream in the foreground.  For me to exposure the stream’s bottom, so to speak, I had to blow out some of the highlights on the surface of the stream.  But I have never claimed to be on the level of Ansel Adams anyway.  Below is an image that I imagined as a panorama when I photographed it, so I made sure that the section of the scene that I was going to show was directly in the middle of the 4×5 film.  Since I was not using a panorama view camera, bit my 4×5 Sinar f2.   One thing that I have always done, even when I was shooting film, was shoot more scenes / views than I knew that I needed, since I would process the film and file them away to be printed later.  I cannot tell you how many albums of images that I have stored away for future use.  If anything, I have things into keep me busy for years into the future to work on.  Here is my panorama …

Smoky Mountain Stream _  B  RTP  2_1_28_14 SFW

The next one is just an image that I found on the side of the road driving across the Smokys.  Nothing spectacular or magic, more serene than anything else.  Being a portrait photographer, I always feel that some of these images would look better with someone in them … the girl with the flowing dress holding a long stream of fabric.  Kind of generic, but I still those types of images and I think that a person ( pretty girl )  add something to a scene like these.  Another image …

Rocks 1 _ RTP_ 23 Oct 13_SFW

The last image is full frame, if you look closely you see the film notches in the top left of the frame.   One more from the top of old Smoky looking down into a valley … I cannot remember which valley or exactly where  …

Mountains 1 _ Wires not Good _ 1_28_14_RTP _ SFW

Well, that is all for now.  Call me and I will meet you up in Pigeon Forge for coffee and then we can head out and take some photos before all of this gets over-run with tourists.  Thanks for looking and please let me know what you think about these images, or the Smokys. or all of the tourists in Pigeon Forge, whatever, just let me hear from you.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

January 26, 2014 at 10:42 am

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