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” I want to be just like Silverman when I grow up ” …

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Silverman 1 _ RTP _ 23 Dec 13   SFW

” I want to be just like Silverman when I grow up ! “ …  thought the little boy walking by.

That is my title for this photo … I took this photo with my Nikon F3 on TMAX film back in 2000 on a trip Pam and I took to San Francisco just to go and say we went.  And we were not disappointed !!  As for as this photo goes, I gave Silverman a ten and told him I was going to take a couple of random shots and he said take all I wanted … a ten got me a lot.  I told him thanks for his generosity and he said like-wise.  I only made 7 or 8 frames and they all were like this, except with different people in the background and the no people.  The image that I printed is a different one with just a guy walking away in the background, but it had the street-light framing Silverman better.  But when I was going through my negative, I liked this one and scanned it, cleaned it up in Photoshop and then ran it through Lucis Art Filter.   After having been photographing all of the street people in New Orleans for so long  … it is nice to see some in other cities.  However, New Orleans is just a rest stop for all of these street ” actors ” on the road to their true Mecca … KEY WEST.  I will share a few of those when I scan some old negatives and transparencies in the future.  I also want to share a story of the ” photo that got away

So as Ron Burgundy would say, if Ron were a photographer … ” Stay sharp, Florida, and if you cannot stay sharp … make it so out of focus that  your viewer will have to wish they were drunk to figure it out ”    And as Jerry Seifeld might say … ” Comedy is a dangerous job, leave it to the professionals, Frank.  And by the way, I do not claim to be a professional photographer, so I expect the same consideration “  With that said … I will.  Thanks for looking and I promise no more attempts at comedy for the rest of the year …  But, you will have to wait to see what next year will bring.  Thanks for looking,  Frank

PS –  If I did not give proper credit to the Jerry Seifeld quote above, or if I improperly misquoted or implied, or if he just wants his name removed from this blog post, I will understand completely and will do so happily.  This does not require legal action.  Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

December 28, 2013 at 3:43 pm

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