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One More Irish ” Painting ” …

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Warrick Hotel_RTP_Lucis_12_15_13_Impression 1 B_SFW

This is the Warrick Hotel in Galway Ireland.  It is located on Lower Salthill Road, I believe.  We did not stay at this hotel, if my memory is correct, it is located down the road from a Bed and Breakfast that we stayed at called ” The St. James”.  This hotel is only a block or two from the Atlantic … I regret that I did not wonder inside to take a look around when I look at this image.  It looks like a place that you would find in France on the Riviera … at least from photos that I have seen.  I have a slew of these type of images that I think would look interesting using this technique and when I have some spare time I am going to do a few more.  Sometime I will get a few printed on canvas and show you how they look.  Thanks for looking and let me hear from you … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

December 15, 2013 at 10:39 am

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