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Happy New Year …

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SeaSide _ May 2012 _ 31 Dec 13_SFW

Happy New Year … I posted this image over on the other site and rambled on about New Year’s Eve, so if you are interested, please go over and read what I wrote.  Not exactly earth shattering or great prose … just heart felt.  Thanks for checking this site out this past year and I hope to do some new things for next year, mainly to publish a book of my father’s images, but I know nothing about book publishing and it would take some major fund raising to finance the project.  We will see … I hope everyone stays safe and out of jail tonight …  Frank

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December 31, 2013 at 3:44 pm

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New Image Composite With My Images From The Past Thirty Years …

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10x8 Image Composite_29 Dec 13_Flat _SFW

I have been thinking about creating a composite with several hundred of my images, but I have not been able to figure it out yet … but no worry, it will just take me a while.  The major problem I have with so many images is the images are so small and hard to see … this one is scaled to a 20×16 normally and the images are small, but viewable.  I think that there is 55 to 57 images on this frame.  If you click on the image, it should show it by itself without my copy, which is how I will present it in the future.  The images should not be pixelated, however, I am not sure.  I want to create one with around 250 of my images, and if I include some of my father’s, I could put 500 to 500 images into one composite.  I have set some ambitious goals for myself this coming year … mostly just trying to get all of the types of work that I have created in the past from weddings to portraits to commercial work, etc, etc.  Thanks for looking and let me know what you think … Frank

UPDATE:  If you click on the image above, or for that matter, any of the images on this blog or the blog that I have of my father’s photography … the image will be brought up in a new screen.  If you hold down the ” control ” key at the bottom far left of your key board, along with the ” + ” key on the numbers line, next to your ” Backspace ” key, the image on your screen will increase in 25% increments.  So if you hit the ” + ” two or three times, the composite will enlarge and you will be able to see the images clearer and they were not pixelated, since I started of with large files before I reduced them down.  I hope that helps you … this works with all images on all computers, both PC and Apples.  If you have a problem, please ask … Thanks for looking … Frank

My father’s blog address is :

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December 29, 2013 at 9:32 pm

Depression Glass …

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Depression Glass_RTP_SFW_29 Dec 13


My mother used to collect Depression Glassware, mostly cream and sugar pieces.  I do not know the style of this sugar bowl, but I always thought that it looked interesting.  I had started photographing all of the pieces several years back, but when I did some research and found these these pieces had not gone in value much, I lost interest and moved onto something else.  Technically, from a photographic point of views, there are some things that should have been corrected … angle is maybe too low, highlights could have been toned-down some … nothing that the average viewer might notice.  I just thought that it was an interesting design, since most of the Depression Glass design that you run across are simpler and plainer, hence the name ” Depression Glass “.  I just thought I would share this with you just to let know that I do all types of photography … Please feel free to ask any questions that you might have.  Over the last forty years, there has not been much that has not come in front of one of my lens.  Thanks for looking … Frank

One more thing, please do not forget that I have the blog of my father’s photography over at: FrankHardyMadeMyPhotographsTWO ,  so please go over there and see his photography from the 1930’s to the 1970’s.  If you are from Pensacola or the panhandle of Florida and you lived during those times, please go and see what I have put and if you like what see, please share the link with your Florida and Southern friends … maybe even a Northerner or two …Everyone is Welcome …. Frank

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December 29, 2013 at 2:45 pm

” I want to be just like Silverman when I grow up ” …

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Silverman 1 _ RTP _ 23 Dec 13   SFW

” I want to be just like Silverman when I grow up ! “ …  thought the little boy walking by.

That is my title for this photo … I took this photo with my Nikon F3 on TMAX film back in 2000 on a trip Pam and I took to San Francisco just to go and say we went.  And we were not disappointed !!  As for as this photo goes, I gave Silverman a ten and told him I was going to take a couple of random shots and he said take all I wanted … a ten got me a lot.  I told him thanks for his generosity and he said like-wise.  I only made 7 or 8 frames and they all were like this, except with different people in the background and the no people.  The image that I printed is a different one with just a guy walking away in the background, but it had the street-light framing Silverman better.  But when I was going through my negative, I liked this one and scanned it, cleaned it up in Photoshop and then ran it through Lucis Art Filter.   After having been photographing all of the street people in New Orleans for so long  … it is nice to see some in other cities.  However, New Orleans is just a rest stop for all of these street ” actors ” on the road to their true Mecca … KEY WEST.  I will share a few of those when I scan some old negatives and transparencies in the future.  I also want to share a story of the ” photo that got away

So as Ron Burgundy would say, if Ron were a photographer … ” Stay sharp, Florida, and if you cannot stay sharp … make it so out of focus that  your viewer will have to wish they were drunk to figure it out ”    And as Jerry Seifeld might say … ” Comedy is a dangerous job, leave it to the professionals, Frank.  And by the way, I do not claim to be a professional photographer, so I expect the same consideration “  With that said … I will.  Thanks for looking and I promise no more attempts at comedy for the rest of the year …  But, you will have to wait to see what next year will bring.  Thanks for looking,  Frank

PS –  If I did not give proper credit to the Jerry Seifeld quote above, or if I improperly misquoted or implied, or if he just wants his name removed from this blog post, I will understand completely and will do so happily.  This does not require legal action.  Frank

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December 28, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Mother and Child on the Beach …

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Mother and Son in Air with Rainbow _20 Dec 13  SFW

I cannot remember if I have posted this earlier, but I thought that it has always been pretty.  This is a good example of what I like in portraits.  You do not need to put up 40 or 50 goofy images … I am a firm believer in one photo saying it all.  But so many of the photographers today just want to go and ” hang-out” and “walk-around” and ” take a whole bunch of photos” … then they go and call it a “sessy” … I still have not figured out what that is yet.  That is how this business has changed so much these days … Thanks for looking and let me hear your comments … Frank

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December 26, 2013 at 5:24 pm

Bonaventure Cemetary in Savannah Georgia …

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These photos were made back in 2005 or 2006 and I just never did anything with them.  The first several are just some random views …

Boniventure Cemetary 2 _ RTP _ SFW _24 Dec 13

IMG_5877 CSA Emblem _ RTP 2 _ 24 Dec 13  SFW

These “CSA” metal emblems represents someone that fought for the South in the War Between The States … or as some Southerners rightly called it ” The War of Northern Aggression ” , which to me is a better title.  Here is the same emblem done in black and white …

IMG_5877 CSA Emblem _ RTP_ BW 3_ Best  SFW

IMG_5934 Boniventure Cemetary_Lucis_SFW

General Anderson _ Lucis 2 _ 20 Dec 13   SFW

This last photo shows the headstone for General Anderson and is my favorite of these from the Bonaventure Cemetary there in Savannah Georgia.  Here is one more that I took at a grave of a Revolutionary War Soldier and I regret that I do not know whose grave this was located …

Revolution Hat at Cemetary_RTP_20 Dec 13_SFW

Thanks for looking and if anyone wants to share their memories from Savannah or the Bonaventure Cemetery,  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks for stopping by and looking … Frank

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December 26, 2013 at 4:14 pm

Young Girl on Beach …

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Here is another on of my Photoshop ” paintings ” … they take me a while to create, but I believe that they take less time than if I actually had created them in Corel Painter .  I would classify them more as an Impressionistic style of painting, since I am ” smearing ” the pixels.   There is still some detail in the face and the skin, and you do get a feel for the water and sand and the shape of the waves.  I have done much more Photoshop work on this image of the young girl than I did on the other Irish paintings that I have posted.  This is really just the start of the learning process for me … however, I still like to put these out and hear any comments that you might have.  The first has just more “canvas” around the image and I did an edge treatment to give it a more interesting look  …

IMG_0025 Virginia_Best_18 Dec SFW  _Painting 2 _Finished 2

Now, this is the same image without the border treatment.  I have posted this image earlier and I said that I planned to work it up as a painting in the future.  So if you want to find the original photograph, just search ” beach portraits ” on this blog and it will pop-up along with several other beach portrait posts  You will see a big difference … however, you really have to see a printed example to get a good idea of how this “painting” shows up.  This is something new that I am working on for next year and obviously I have a long way to go on my technique before I offer it  as a print option.  But, I do see this type of work in my future and I think that it has a lot of possibilities for a whole range of subjects.

IMG_0025 Virginia_Best_18 Dec  _Painting 2 _Finished

Thanks for looking … I have a wedding that I did with Bud back in October that I plan on posting next.  Thanks for looking and please let me hear your comments about these … Frank

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December 18, 2013 at 6:41 pm