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Pensacola Catholic High School Graduation From 18 May 13 …

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Congratulations to all of the graduates from Pensacola Catholic High School of 2013!  Below are just a few random views from the graduation itself.  I have other photos from the Baccalaureate Mass on Friday night  that I will post later, along with some more from the graduation.  Enjoy …

IMG_3673  Another Group 1 B  _ SFW

IMG_3664  Another Group of Girls 8   _ SFW

Here is one of some girls as they arrive …

IMG_3680 Girls Candid 1 _ SFW

One of the graduates entering the auditorium / church at Olive Baptist where the graduation is held …

IMG_9266 Inkel and Leonard Entering _ SFW

He is Bishop Parkes at the podium ….

IMG_9461  Bishop 1   _ SFW

Now the caps being thrown into the air …

IMG_3708 Caps in Air _ Best _ SFW

A candid of the girls waiting to exit …

IMG_3713 Girls Candid   25   _ SFW

I will post some others later because of all the photos that I made.  There are so many that I will most likely put them over on my Zenfolio site for you to look at and enjoy.  Thanks again for looking and if anyone has any questions or comments, please contact me.  I also have photos from out-takes from their yearbook, Charisma that I plan to post since the yearbook is out and I cannot spoil any surprises ,  so please check back.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

May 28, 2013 at 12:33 pm

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