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A Few More Wedding Photos …

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Here are a few more from the last wedding that I forgot to post.   Nothing in particular … just some that I had worked up and had them in a different folder.   I hope you enjoy:

Groom with Groomsman by Car 1_RTP _ SFW

I had posted the bride and the girls earlier and forgot the groom’s side …

IMG_9837 Drew 1  _ RET_ RTP _ SFW

IMG_9836 Drew and Fathers  1 _ RTP _SFW

One thing I rarely do is take photos of people walking … unless I am asked to.  It always surprises me how many people see me standing there with a camera and will not look at me , they just keep staring straight ahead.  Out of 12 or 14 people / couples that walked by me, this bridesmaid and maybe two other people actually looked at me and smiled …

IMG_9924 Bridesmaid 2_RTP _ SFW

What a difference a smile makes!!  I should have posted a few of the others, but I am not here to embarrass anyone … however several looked like they were walking to the gallows.  One from the ceremony …

IMG_9945 Vows _ SFW

Now, no better way to finish a post but with a  group of pretty girls dancing and having fun …

IMG_0086 Dancing Girls 7  _ RTP _ SFW

IMG_0082  Dancing Girls 10 _ RTP _ SFW

That, I promise, is all.   Thanks for looking and feel free to comment.  Please check back …



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May 5, 2013 at 7:07 pm

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