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These photographs are from a wedding that I helped my good friend and fellow photographer Bud Lovoy photograph this past weekend out at Scenic Hills Country Club.  The bride’s family hired Bud, but I tagged along to carry his bags and decided to take a couple of photos, also.  The first one is what it looks like out of the camera and the second one is what I end up with after I have worked my magic in Photoshop.  Here we go …IMG_9898  Bride and Two_ OOC _ SFW

Not too good, huh.  Looks like a lot of the other photos I see on photographer’s blogs and such.   Not after a few waves of the magic ” Photoshop Wand ” …

Bride and Two_BG Extended_RTP_SFW

How many of you out there can tell a difference?  Only one or two?  Come on … there has to be more than that.  Here are some more and I am going to leave out the cheezy  comments …

Bride and Bridesmaids_ RET_ RTP _ SFWIMG_9879 Bride and Kids _ RTP _ SFWIMG_9866 Getting Dressed_RTP _ SFWIMG_9952 Kissing at Front 2_Blur_RTP_SFWIMG_0003  B&G at Bench 4_RTP_SFWIMG_0017 Legs and Shoe 1_RTP 1_BEST   SFWRod and Bride Dancing Best 1_RTP  _ SFWDrew and Mom Dancing 1_RTP 2 _ SFW

I can never really understand why so many photographers will post 30 or 40, some even 60 or more photos, on their blogs and most are so repetitive that half or more could have been edited out!  I think you get the whole idea with a few images that this bride and groom had a great deal of fun and the wedding itself was FIRST CLASS without having to wade through 80 images to get the jest of everything.  Thanks again to Bud for letting  me carry his camera bag and the bride and groom’s parent’s for throwing a great party … I am going to leave you with this last one.  If it does not leave you with a smile on your face … there is something wrong!  Thanks again for looking and let me hear what you think … Frank

IMG_9848 Little Boy with Shades 1B_BW_SFW


Written by Frank Hardy

May 1, 2013 at 10:49 am

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