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Several Scenics From The Past …

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Bayou Chico_Matted_SFW_16 April 13

The image above was taken at a marina that used to be located on the right-hand side of the road as you went across the old Bayou Chico draw bridge.  I made this photo back in 1975 and it was the first print that I had exhibited at the Florida Professional Photographers Convention back in 1976.  I put an orange matte around the image and I thought that really made the print.  The print came up for review at one of the conventions programs and one photographer asked what was so special about this image.  One of the judges who was present when the print was judged made the comment that the print only scored a 70, but the matte received a 90 and everyone got a big laugh out of his comment.  I told the judge this when I spoke to him about this print 30 years later and he remembered the print and the comment,  but did not know that I was the one that created the image.  We shared a big laugh and it was nice to know that he remembered the comment and the image.  Below is a photo taken on top of the Perdido Pass Bridge back in the late 1970’s …

Perdido Canal_SFW_16 April 13

I do not have anything really to say about this image, other than the fact it sure does not look like this now.  I was out this way delivering some photographs several weeks ago and now all you see are condos, a high-rise or two and a golf course, plus a slew of boat docks.   Back in the 1970’s was really just a sleepy fishing village … no longer!  Thanks for looking … I hope some of you out there remember these areas and what they used to be like … Frank

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April 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Alys at Seacrest Beach …

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Two Balls on Grass_RTP_1_28_13__SFW

These are several black and whites that I made with a “Holga” toy camera years ago.  I just ran across the negatives the other day and that that I would scan them and clean them up to post.  Here are several more …

Alys Wall 1_SFW_12 Dec 12

Alys Tower 1_RTP_Lucis_1_28_13   SFW

Two Balls on Grass_SFW_12_12_12

The last one is similar to the first, just worked-up differently.  I have been busy lately and have not posted much, but I have a few worked up that I will post in the next few weeks.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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April 16, 2013 at 10:54 am