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Junior on Camel_No Glasses Cropped_RTP_SFW_1_28_13

My father and I took a trip to Spain with a group of professional photographers back in the summer of 1972.  We went on a trip over to Northern Africa and went to the Casbah in Tangiers.  While we were there I got to ride a camel and I can tell you that a camel is one of the meanest, nastiest animals that you will come across.  They love to bite and they have teeth that make a horses look like baby teeth … luckily, I was faster than the camel’s mouth and  it’s reach was not all that great, so chalk one up for Frank at this point.  Notice that there are no reins on this camel and the saddle had no horn, so I had nothing to hold on to.  Thank goodness that this guy did not let this camel loose because I had no idea what I was doing and so he just jogged along side of us in this open field.   I can honestly say that I was the only person riding a camel at time in polyester pants and a golf shirt.  How about that white belt I am wearing?  I am sure I probably have a pair of white shoes on , but you cannot see them.  I was the best dressed camel jockey out there on this day … Feel free to share your camel riding experiences with us, I know I am not the only nut ( notice that I did not say idiot ) out there that have ridden a camel.  Thanks for looking … Frank

PS – The fez was a rental …

Written by Frank Hardy

January 30, 2013 at 6:02 pm

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