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A Few More From Ireland …

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Box of Flowers _Galway_1_23_13_SFW

These are a few more from our trip to Ireland back in 2005 that I have had sitting around.  I work these up and then set them aside and then run across them years later.  I am not sure where this was made, made Galway…

IMG_0078 Warrick Hotel_RTP_Lucis_1_28_13   SFW

This is the Warwick Hotel in Galway and I believe it is on Lower SaltHill Road.  It is not on the water, maybe a block or two from the ocean.  This is what I would imagine the hotels to look like in the south of France,  at least from what I have seen in the movies.  The hotel was about four blocks from the bed & breakfast that we were staying in.

Galway Harbour_Lucis_RTP_1_28_13   SFW

I am really sure where this was made … if I had to guess I would say in the Kinsale / Cork area.  I remember it being at the end of a road and I thought that the yellow houses were interesting with the boats in front.

IMG_0357 Square House A _SFW_1_28_13

Another made for the color and I cannot remember where The Square House is located.  I will have to go back through all of the images and I can tell from the order that they are in what the location is.  I have plenty more that I plan to post in the future.  Thanks for looking … Frank


Written by Frank Hardy

January 29, 2013 at 6:30 pm

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