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Oyster Bake on Garcon Point …

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IMG_9113 Campfire View at Sunset_WIP

I had built a fire pit out back of the house several months back and we had an oyster bake a couple of weeks back.  We had one several years back and I posted several photos from it, but it was not as elaborate as this ( if you can call this elaborate ).  We had maybe 20 people over and it turned out very nice.  Jenna, Will and Payton came down from Atlanta, along with Pam’s uncle and son from Jacksonville showing up.  Below are Jarryd, Brad, Jenna and Lauren …

IMG_9117 Cousins 1_RTP_SFW

One of the oysters …

IMG_9093 Oysters_RTP_SFW

Delicious … Now for the important ones … Lukas and Payton.  Lukas is now 5 and Payton is 2.  Lukas got the battery powered car for Christmas …

IMG_9079 L and P in Car 4_RTP_SFW

IMG_9091 L and P in Car 3_RTP_SFW

IMG_9084 L and P in Car 2 _ RTP_SFW

Payton is giving her opinion of Lukas’ driving ability …

IMG_9094 Payton Driving with Lukas_RTP_SFW

Now Payton says that it is her turn to drive and Lukas is wondering if he has made the right decision …

IMG_9096 Payton Standing In Car_RTP_SFW

Luckily for Lukas the car has run out of juice …

IMG_9098 Two in Car_8_RTP_SFW

Thankfully, Lukas has Payton to tell him what to do and how to do it.  Sound familiar?

IMG_9108 Payton Getting out of Car _RTP_SFW

So much for waiting for the battery to charge …

IMG_9139 Payton in Chair 1_RTP_SFW

Well, that’s  all folks!  Thanks for looking … Frank

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January 30, 2013 at 6:30 pm

Frank Hardy … Camel Jockey???

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Junior on Camel_No Glasses Cropped_RTP_SFW_1_28_13

My father and I took a trip to Spain with a group of professional photographers back in the summer of 1972.  We went on a trip over to Northern Africa and went to the Casbah in Tangiers.  While we were there I got to ride a camel and I can tell you that a camel is one of the meanest, nastiest animals that you will come across.  They love to bite and they have teeth that make a horses look like baby teeth … luckily, I was faster than the camel’s mouth and  it’s reach was not all that great, so chalk one up for Frank at this point.  Notice that there are no reins on this camel and the saddle had no horn, so I had nothing to hold on to.  Thank goodness that this guy did not let this camel loose because I had no idea what I was doing and so he just jogged along side of us in this open field.   I can honestly say that I was the only person riding a camel at time in polyester pants and a golf shirt.  How about that white belt I am wearing?  I am sure I probably have a pair of white shoes on , but you cannot see them.  I was the best dressed camel jockey out there on this day … Feel free to share your camel riding experiences with us, I know I am not the only nut ( notice that I did not say idiot ) out there that have ridden a camel.  Thanks for looking … Frank

PS – The fez was a rental …

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January 30, 2013 at 6:02 pm

A Few More From Ireland …

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Box of Flowers _Galway_1_23_13_SFW

These are a few more from our trip to Ireland back in 2005 that I have had sitting around.  I work these up and then set them aside and then run across them years later.  I am not sure where this was made, made Galway…

IMG_0078 Warrick Hotel_RTP_Lucis_1_28_13   SFW

This is the Warwick Hotel in Galway and I believe it is on Lower SaltHill Road.  It is not on the water, maybe a block or two from the ocean.  This is what I would imagine the hotels to look like in the south of France,  at least from what I have seen in the movies.  The hotel was about four blocks from the bed & breakfast that we were staying in.

Galway Harbour_Lucis_RTP_1_28_13   SFW

I am really sure where this was made … if I had to guess I would say in the Kinsale / Cork area.  I remember it being at the end of a road and I thought that the yellow houses were interesting with the boats in front.

IMG_0357 Square House A _SFW_1_28_13

Another made for the color and I cannot remember where The Square House is located.  I will have to go back through all of the images and I can tell from the order that they are in what the location is.  I have plenty more that I plan to post in the future.  Thanks for looking … Frank


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January 29, 2013 at 6:30 pm

A Few Tree Images …

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Pine Tree 2_Rollei_SFW_FHP

This was shot with my old Rolleiflex camera out in front of my barn next to my house.  I was watching TV the other night and in some house that they were photographing in, there were several framed photos of trees that looked like these … only worse!!  I have learned that beauty is in the eye of the beholder!  The image below was made with one of my plastic toy cameras,  I am not sure which one, but it does not matter …

Jackson Square 3 _ 2011_5x5_SFW

Both negatives were scanned and worked-up in Photoshop, for what it is worth.   Any tv producers that want to use them as art work on your show can reach me through this site … Thanks for looking … Frank

PS – I hope everyone realizes that this is a feeble attempt at a joke, the photos and the solicitation that is, seeing the similar photos on tv is not …  I just wish I could remember which show it was that they were on or it might have even been in print when someone was being interviewed that I ran across the images … Frank

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January 27, 2013 at 11:49 am

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First Published Photograph …

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Ninth Grade Workman Basketball Group_RTP_SFW

This photo of the basketball team at Workman Junior High School was my first photograph that I ever had published and received credit for creating.  I also was in the ninth grade, so this made me thirteen or fourteen.  I have talked to several of the guys in this photo in the past few years, but the majority of them I have not heard from or seen in the last forty years or so.  I have seen Coach Bridges at the Publix on 9TH and Bayou once or twice in the last several years and I have some mutual friends of Coach Shipmen that fish with him and they say he is doing well.  Both of these men must have graduated from college  and this Workman job must have been one of their first teaching jobs back in 1966.  Thanks for looking … Frank

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January 27, 2013 at 11:27 am

Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach Florida …

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Here are some photos that I made last week-end out at Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach.  We took Lukas out to the beach and then decided to take him out to see the fort.  The first several are of him and then the rest are of the fort …

9209 Lukas 2_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9212 Lukas 1 _ RTP_1_21_13_SFW

The second photo is not all that good, and he is hard to get him to stand still for too long, so I have to grab what I can.  I will show some more of him on my next post … an oyster bake that we had out at our house.  Now back to Fort Pickens … the first is a straight out of camera shot and the next one will be the same image that was run through a Lucis Photoshop filter …

IMG_9231 Fort With Canon_Straight_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9232 Fort with Canon_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_RTP_1_21_13 No Border_SFW

Is that interesting or what?  All that I did was run the image through one of the filters in the Lucis program and then adjust the sliders to get the look that I wanted and then check the run button and then what you see comes out.  Here are a few more the exterior and interior views of the fort …

IMG_9198 Top of Fort 1_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9176 Fort Window_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9183 Fort 1_Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9179 Fort 2 _ Adj Lucis Sharp_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9167 Arches_Adj Lucis Sharp_4x6_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9169  Fort 4_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_1_21_13_SFW

IMG_9195 Canon_RTP 2_1_21_13_SFW

And finally, this sunset from on top of the fort …

IMG_9253 Sunset at Fort_Adj Lucis Sharp_6x4_RTP_1_21_13_SFW

It does not look as look like your normal “beach” sunset, to me anyway, if there is such a thing as a normal beach sunset.  If anyone has any comments or questions about any of these photos, please let me hear from you.  Thanks again for looking … Frank

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January 27, 2013 at 11:05 am

Greyhound Bus Station in Downtown Pensacola …

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Grehound Bus 1_SFW_4x5_ 6 Jan 13 FHP

How many of you out there can remember when the Greyhound Bus Station used to be located on Chase and Spring Streets in downtown Pensacola?  I would guesstimate that I made this in the mid-1970’s.  The Episcopal Diocese purchased the building and converted it into their offices back in the late 1980’s maybe.  Not sure of when they did the renovation, but it was twenty years or so ago.  I can remember going down to the bus station to pick-up his color printing from the lab he used down in Bradenton Florida … there was no “over-night” services back in the 60’s and 70’s, everything would come in on bus.  I can see the interior as if it was yesterday… Thanks for looking and as usual, all comments are appreciated … Frank

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January 10, 2013 at 10:11 am