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Corvette 79_12_12_12    SFW

This was the first Corvette that I ever owned.  I ordered it from Bob Salter Chevrolet … black with red leather interior.  Brand new, the sticker price was … $12,900.  However, back then a new Pontiac Firebird was around $6,000 – LOADED!  With tax, tag and delivery I do not think that the total came to $14,000.  And if it did it was not much over it.  Now, I bet you could not by a stripped down Corvette for less than $40, 000 … that is just a guess because I have not been pricing cars for years.  I put 100,000 miles on this car is three years, traded it in on another Corvette … 1982 model, but that is another story and another post.  I will hunt down a photo of it and post it later.  Thanks for looking … Frank

Written by Frank Hardy

December 22, 2012 at 9:22 am

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