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Pensacola CHS Homecoming 2013 …

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Here are a handful of photos from the Pep Rally on Friday at school in the gym, to the football game at LeBeau-Gorecki Stadium Friday night ( congratulations on the win Coach Seibert and team ) and the Walk-Out of the Homecoming Court at half-time.  I am not going to try to identify or explain any of these images, since everyone already knows everyone involved … and besides, as Jack Benny used say – I just tell’em, I don’t explain’em.  Enjoy …

OK, that gives you an idea of the homecoming festivities so far.  These are just a few … I have made hundreds of images so far and it is going to take me a while to process these … they do not look like these out of the camera.  I have a site on Zenfolio where I am going to post all of them for everyone to view.  If anyone wants to purchase any, you can do so through this site, but it is all pretty self-explanatory.  Thanks again for looking and as usual, all comments are appreciated.  Please check back for more … I am going to the dance tonight and take some at walk-out … Frank

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