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Above is an image I made out in Arizona back in 2003 on a trip to Sedona.  Even though I went digital back in 2002, I have still carried along a Hasselblad with a 50mm lens and 20 rolls or so of b&w film to burn up.  Most all images are hand-held and I just compose as I walk along, nothing too serious …just walking, talking and shooting.  Sometimes I do not process the film until six months or a year later.  All I am really doing is creating a visual notebook with film … most of these images I do not bother to print, some I do.  And when I do print them, I usually do not print them any larger than 5×5.  Below is another image from this Indian Reservation …

Here is one more from the same place …

I had hoped to photograph some Indians, but since they were all dressed in “civilian” cloths, they looked like anyone you would see at the mall or walking down Main Street.  Nothing wrong with that, so please do not misunderstand my comment, I realize that it might sound right.  The next one is from a trip to San Francisco back in 2000 …

This is Highway 1, south of San Francisco and this is the Bixby Bridge.  You see it in car commercials all the time, in fact I can remember a Chevrolet commercial on TV several years ago shot on this bridge from a helicopter.  Like I said earlier, I have literally thousands of these negatives from the last 35 years or so and I have been scanning a few here and there.  I always keep saying that I need to organize and catalog all of them sometime, but I never seem to do it … maybe I will start tomorrow …

One more thing, I would like to thank everyone at the Pensacola New Journal for the article they did on the blog that I have been doing on my father’s photography back on Sunday, August 19, 2012.  Troy Moon did and excellent job of writing the article, like I told him … I see a Pulitzer Prize in his future someday and the very talented photo-journalist Katie King made some great photographs for the article.  I do not know if the article is archived, but here is a link to a photo gallery that they created with some of the photos I let them use.  Thanks again … Frank

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September 7, 2012 at 3:34 pm

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