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Tupelo Mississippi … Home of Elvis … the Real ” King ” …

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OK … another iPhone photograph. Flew out to Nebraska last week and the only photos I made were in Tupelo Mississippi. At the home / birthplace of Elvis – The King … the real king, not LeBron James of the Heat “King”. You can almost see Elvis, Gladys and Vernon sitting out front in that porch swing. Just thinking about it gets me ” All Shook-Up ” … could not resist throwing that one in. The next image of the church that Elvis attended was with my Canon 40D …

This is supposed to the the first church that Elvis ever attended in Tupelo Mississippi. You could go inside the church ( I did not ), but you could not go inside the house … you were allowed to sit in the swing, however ( I did not ). This place – “Hallowed Ground” to all you Elvis worshipers -is located just several blocks off the interstate and a new museum is in the process of being built to house more Elvis “stuff” … if you can believe that there is more “stuff” that has not been seen yet. Below is the emblem on a 1939 Plymouth that took the Presley family to Memphis … made again with the iPhone camera:

Look how sharp this image is … no close-up filter used ( I did buy one, but like the iPhone tripod, I have not used it yet ), just hand-held close to the emblem and the cropped in Photoshop. These are basically all of the photos that I took on the trip back from Nebraska … there are a few of some Model-A cars that I made in Hardy Arkansas, but I do not know if I will bother with any of them. Thanks for looking … let me hear what you think about anything … here or any place else!

Written by Frank Hardy

June 11, 2012 at 11:50 am

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