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GrandKids at Christmas 2011 …

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This is the only photo I made of Jenna’s little girl, Payton, and it was made at Thanksgiving in Atlanta.  We did not she her at Christmas time since she was with Will’s parents in Huntsville for a few days.  They came down for New Years, but for some reason or another I only made a few photos of her and they were not the most flattering, so this will have to do for the time being … now on to Lukas.  The following was made on Christmas morning.

All of these were made with the iPhone and they are not too bad.  We took him down to Nashville and went to Opryland’s production of ” Merry Madagascar Ice”.  It was scenes from the movie made of ice.  They took a building, turned down the temperature to 3 degrees and created all of these characters / scenes from the movie ” Madagascar “.  First, a couple of views of the scenes …

Next, Lukas in his parka …

They only had one size, but he was not complaining!  At the very end of the exhibit, they had a slide of ice that you climbed up and slid down, but I was not able to get any photos.  Next is a photo of him inside the Opryland Hotel …

Is he cute or what?  Here is a couple more of him with a couple of the penguins from Madagascar …

Looks as if Lukas made him some new buddies at ” Ice ”  That is about it, I could put up thirty or so more, but I think that you get the idea.  Thanks for looking …

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