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This was a photograph I made twenty years or so ago.  We were coming back from the Smoky Mountains and I had taken my Sinar 4×5 F2 on this trip.  We pulled off I-65 at the Prattville Exit north of Montgomery to get gas.  I pulled into this place, got gas and then got to talking to this man, Mr. Martin.  He told me how the interstate had just about driven him out of business and how hard it was for him to compete with the truck stops that were at all the exits now days.  So, I told him that I am a photographer and would like to take his portrait and he agreed.  The Marlboro and Kool signs really set the photo up since it was really a monochromatic image with everything being white … the seashell parking lot and the white building and the white ice machine.  The photo that I printed and have hanging up in my house is not a color print, but a b&w that I printed up like the one below.

I printed up several 8×10’s and mailed them to him.  I received a nice note that I wish that I had kept, it just said about how complementary everyone that had seen the photos were.  I pulled off his exit years later and tried to stop and get gas,  but he had closed.  It is sad to see the old ways falling by the wayside and letting way for the new.  Both of these images are from 4×5’s … the top is a transparency and I did darken the sky in Photoshop and the bottom is 400 Tri-X, available light.  All comments and questions are welcomed … thanks for looking.

Written by Frank Hardy

August 30, 2011 at 7:16 pm

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