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These are just some more random images that I done and are just laying around on hard drives.  The one above is from some where in Arizona, as usual, not sure exactly where.

The one above was taken with my Hasselblad and a 50mm with Tmax 100, then scanned full frame.  I have albums full of stuff like this that I plan to get around and scan in the future.

This building is just down the road from me over here on Garcon Point.  It used to be a grocery store in the 1940’s.  There is a table out front that used to have jars of honey for sale … you can still the ” money box ” where you deposited your money when you took a jar.  I have often wondered if the person died or got too old to put jars out here … the honey has not been out there for years.  I like to think that the grocer just got too old and the “times” did not drive him out of business.  I made this photo years ago … I rode by the other day and the table had fallen down.  Time moves on …

Written by Frank Hardy

June 4, 2011 at 7:41 pm

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