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The site ” ” that I have had up for the last two years has been down for the past several months because I did not renew the domain name in a timely enough fashion.  My real problem is that I cannot get anyone at Blogger to respond to my emails and help me get it renewed.  I have over 225 posts from the past two years and it has been extremely slow building up viewers and I would hate to lose them and the site.  The main problem is that I cannot move the domain name somewhere else because it is already registered … to me!  But I cannot get Blogger to let me renew it or even respond to my inquiries by email, forget even finding a phone number to call and talk to a live person.  Anyone with any suggestion, please let me hear them … I am getting desperate!  I have included several photos for people to see what I am talking about.

As you can see, I have posted photos from Brenda Lee to Cochise to Sacred Heart Nursing Graduates to the Coke Cola Show taken at WEAR TV Station on this site.  All photographs that my father had made from his fifty years in the photography business.  And I have hundreds more that I would like to post and comment on if I could only get the domain name re-registered.  Any help is appreciated … Thanks

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May 19, 2011 at 8:34 am

Ga-Ana Theater in Georgiana Alabama …

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The following are  then and now photographs of the Ga-Ana Theater in downtown Georgiana Alabama.  I came across the original photo in a book somewhere and I made the recent photograph several weeks ago when Pam and I drove to Atlanta.  We took Alabama State Highway 31 out of Brewton to Greenville and got on I-65 there.  The Ga-Ana Theater is the first place that Hank Williams made his first public appearance.  We went and toured his home/museum several years ago and I will post some b&w’s I made inside the house in a later post.  Here is a view of the theater from back in the 1940’s:

Note that the car in the middle has a Florida tag starting with a 9 … that means that the car was registered in Escambia County Florida which is Pensacola.  Up until the 1970’s sometime. the first ten counties ranked by population ( Miami was 1 ) were assigned a number … so Escambia County was the 9th largest county in the state of Florida, ranked by population.  The tags on the other cars look to be Alabama license plate, which I know nothing about.  Now the image I made several weeks ago:

You can almost feel the presence of Hiram ” Hank ” Williams leaning up against the light post out front.  I have read several biographies of Hank Williams recently and it is very interesting reading about the music industry during this time in the 1940’s and early 1950’s.  I have a story about my father meeting Hank Williams and making his photograph in Pensacola that I will share with you when I post somethings from his house in Georgiana.  Stay tuned …

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May 19, 2011 at 8:07 am

Sea Crest Beach and Seaside …

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This Airstream trailer has been at Seaside for as long as I can remember … I have made some photos of it open with kids all around, but I just made these early the other morning before it opened and decided to post them.  Now, there are several other trailers parked along side of ” Frosty Bites ” .   Nothing against any of them, I am sure they serve good food. but there is just something about ” Frosty Bites ” that speaks to me … when I figure out what it is saying, I’ll let you know.  Stay tuned.

The next set of photos were made at Sea Crest Beach and no, they did not look like this straight out of the camera.  The first one looking toward Panama City Beach is an attempt to make it look as if it were shot on Kodachrome.  I am too embarrassed to say how much time I wasted on this or even the steps used, but it is something like this: crop, levels, curves, saturation, levels, curves, saturation on blue channel, Lucis filter on Wyeth, lower opacity, unsharp mask … you get the idea.

The next one is just one looking out to sea.  I did not try to do the Kodachrome look, but I did adjust the levels, curves and saturation once I cropped the image.

This is rain coming down way in the distance.  The last one is looking back toward Ft. Walton Beach.  Obviously the sun was setting and the rays were streaking through the clouds ( I did not add them in Photoshop ).  As you can tell it was not a “pretty” afternoon or sunset, but sometimes those types of days make for more interesting images.  Maybe later I might add the original images to this post so you can see what I started with.

Fort Walton Beach looks as if it were added later as an after-thought, but it was not … not that I have a problem with adding, moving or changing anything in Photoshop.  That, to me, is the beauty of digital photography.  I also have no problem with cropping an image for improvement, since there seem to be so many photographers today that talk about being “purists”  and doing all their cropping in camera.  To each his own.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me hear them…

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May 18, 2011 at 6:06 pm

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Payton at One …

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Jenna and Will rented a house at Sea Crest Beach for a week, so Pam and I drove over this past Saturday for several days.  A birthday party for Payton was scheduled for Sunday and here a few from the party.  I will post more as I get them worked up, but here are some that I just picked at random and worked up.  What I still cannot understand, is how you can go from this:


All in maybe 15 minutes.  Well, at least I can say that she comes by it honestly … right Jenna?

Next, are several that I made yesterday before we left …

This one looks good of all three, I made others, but this one was a fast pick.  Next, is Jenna and Payton … then Will and Payton … then one of the cake and a few gifts …

I forget where Pam bought the cake top, but you pressed it’s stomach and it ” moved and grooved ” ( that is my phrase ) all while singing a birthday song.  I hope you enjoy these.  Like I said, these are just a few … I made over 300 images, so it is going to take me a while to sort through them all.  But as I do, I will throw a few more up.  Thanks for looking …

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May 18, 2011 at 5:14 pm

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Virginia …

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These are a few from a family group I did at the beach several weeks ago.  I thought that these of  Virginia  really stood out.  Everything came together to make these images something special.  I am not all that crazy about the back side of children / people, but so much of what you see from other photographers seem to be this angle, I decided to take a few and they seem to work out well with the others … I think you will agree!

Having been a portrait photographer for over thirty years, I think you could classify my style as timeless and classic.  I do not go out to a location and just run around taking photographs … so much of what you see now days is going to a park / beach and just taking hundreds of photos, hoping to capture something.   If anyone has any comments or questions about what I do, please let me hear from you.  Thanks for looking …

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May 11, 2011 at 7:33 pm

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