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This is the “Tortilla Factory”  somewhere between Fort Stocton, Texas and Carlsbad, New Mexico.  For some reason I am thinking Pecos, Texas, but I could be wrong.  I just remember that it was on a Sunday in August 2004, it was hot and there was not a soul in town.  This is a b&w negative scanned and worked up in Photoshop.

This is another from out in Monterrey California … I think it was taken at Pebble Beach. B&W negative again.

This is one of my father’s negatives from a trip we made back in the 1950’s … not sure where it is, but this is one that I like the distressed look on.  It is not something I did in Photoshop, but it has not aged well and is not in good condition.  No idea where it is … I would guess New Mexico.

I saved the best for last…another one of my father’s negatives.  I do not know what or where this dwellings are located.  I sepia toned the image and cropped it full frame to show  the film markings.  This image was made over 50 years ago and was stored next to the image from above in a plastic sleeve.  It is in good condition and the one next to it is in terrible shape … go figure.  I wish I had more info on these images … if anyone knows the locations of these images, please let me know.  Thanks for looking …

Written by Frank Hardy

March 9, 2011 at 8:12 am

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