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The above photo was taken in Waycross Georgia several years ago with a Holga plastic camera.  I develop the film in my darkroom, scan the 120 b&w negative and then clean the image up in Photoshop.  Pretty straight forward.  I know that a lot of people like these images with all the flaws, but I don’t.  The photo below  was made with a Canon 40D.

Not much done to this other than levels, curves, boosted the saturation and then sharpened … I always clone out trash, blemishes, etc.  The campaign headquarters houses a store that sells all type of political memorabilia from different politicians and campaigns,  not just Jimmy Carter’s.  At least it did when I made this photo several years ago.

Do not remember where this was made, but it is between Atlanta and Plains because I made it the on the same trip as the one above.  I desaturated, added the brown tone and distressed the image … you do not see me using this technique a lot because I see so many other photographers abusing it so much.  If you have an average / below average  photo, run it through a filter or apply an action and it will improve any image.  At least that is the impression I get from looking at other photographer’s blog, especially with wedding photographers.  A little of this distress in Photoshop goes a long way for me, however I do like the desaturated image turned to b&w and changed to sepia or platinum.   Just my two bits …

I have a whole series of these types of images that I have made in Mississippi, California, Out West, Ireland, Spain, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida,  etc, etc, that I plan to post in the future.  So much of this work I created so many years ago,  have never shown and now that I have this forum to show them in, I have been working to organize them.  Thanks for looking …

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March 7, 2011 at 9:19 am

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