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Mardi Gras in New Orleans …

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You see all kinds in New Orleans … a big hole opens in the atmosphere and drops all of these characters in Jackson Square!   The guy in the first photo – Jeep – was really a nice guy.  I ran into him several years later in a parade, got his address and sent him several of these photos.  Even received a nice letter thanking me for the photos.  The couple in the bottom photo loved having their photo made … the image on the screen does not do the original photo justice, but you get the idea.  Pete Fountain is the man in the photos below and here is a link to his Wikipedia page.  It tells about his “Half Fast Walking Club” – a Mardi Gras krew he founded.  These photos were taken from the krew’s march down Bourbon Street.  I have a photo of my father and Pete Fountain that I will add to this post later.

These images were made back in 1989 on a trip I made over to New Orleans on Fat Tuesday with fellow photographer Jimmy Hayward.  We went over specifically for the hole opening in the universe … if you are a photographer, it is well worth the trip and as far as the exact time for the universe to open, you just gotta be there is all I can say.

Written by Frank Hardy

March 3, 2011 at 9:10 am

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